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Welcome to Face Up Beauty - Get Involved!

Face Up Beauty UK

I am really excited and proud to announce the launch of my new business venture entitled Face Up Beauty UK. After months of organisation and planning we are now ready to get our service out to the world and I would LOVE for you to get involved.

What is Face Up Beauty?

Face Up Beauty was created with the mission and aim to provide professional, specialised beauty treatments to you in the comfort of your own home. Using the most advanced sophisticated unisex equipment we are proud to provide to the power of BYAS technology for your luxury and at your very own convenience.

We all love a pamper now and again, but finding the time to get out to the salon to treat ourselves can become an unrealistic task. Think about all the time it takes; sitting in traffic and finding parking or struggling through overcrowded public transport, to waiting for your delayed appointment and having to work around the schedule of the salon. This can all take away from the luxury indulgence you expect and deserve.

This is why we have decided to bring the power of the salon to your front door. We can work around your schedule and provide a truly unique, personalised experience. Combine any of our revolutionary treatments to create the perfect package for you and start the process of welcoming the new, youthful you. 

Whether you fancy some “me time” and opt to have a treatment alone or want to make an event of it and bring your friends and family along too, Face Up Beauty can provide a bespoke service to suit your very own needs. We can alternate our service from a relaxing, tranquil spa service in your own home to an event full of laughter, joy and music.

What treatments do we offer?

BYAS Sensation Face Lifter:

The superior BYAS skin care system provides a perfect solution to combat fine lines and wrinkles. The Bionic Lifter is the only treatment that combines four advanced technologies (Iontophoresis, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Micro Vibration and Radio Frequency) to significantly reduce all signs of ageing, tighten your skin and leave you looking youthful.

BYAS Move Eye Lifter:

For many of us sleep-swollen, tired eyes with shallow wrinkles are a prime problem area on our face. I’m sure you have tried every eye cream on the market with hopes of having refreshed, energetic eyes all day only to see little impact over time. 

The BYAS MOVE Eye Lifter utilises the most Professional Rejuvenation Technology and uses Iontophoresis to penetrate Hyaluronic Acid gently but effectively into your eye area.

BYAS Perfection Body Lifter:

BYAS Perfection Body Lifter is the first machine to combine 3 effective methods to ensure optimum results whilst still being gentle and kind to your skin and tissue. By integrating Radio Frequency (RF), Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Micro Vibrations (MV) our treatment not only targets the upper layers of your skin to provide tighter skin, it also reaches deep down to your tissues to get them to do some work under the surface to keep you looking toned and defined and well as aiding incredible weight loss.  

Our treatments can come as a part of different packages which allow you to mix and match to create your own bespoke treatment.

We also offer exclusive discounts for group booking and events. So whether it’s a hen do, girls night in, mendhi night or you just want to add a little spark to your birthday party we can bring our treatments to you in a discounted, specially created package.

My Role:

As Co-Founder and Head of Marketing for Face Up Beauty it is my job to raise awareness of the brand, maintain relationships with our existing customers as well as find new innovative ways to attract new clients. Currently this is being done through Social Media (we are very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and email marketing and shoutouts. I also personally created our website and write all the blogs featured, which are distributed directly into the inbox of our current subscribers (All 1500 of them so far).

How you can get involved:

As a part of the blogging community I would love to get some of you involved as well as get crucial feedback along the way. I would love to feature some of your amazing blogs on our site and get some guest bloggers on board too. (I think it would be great to add some additional voices to the brand). By guest blogging on our site you would be able to get your own personal blog and brand out to our existing clients and widen your blog’s reach.

We can also offer complimenary products such as our BYAS Move Eye Lifter for you to test and review. (We are 100% sure you'll love it)

We are planning a huge launch event for Face Up around December so would be great for some bloggers to come along, sample our amazing facials and cover the event. If you would be interested then please contact me through my blog, twitter or at I have already had some great conversations with fellow bloggers about the opportunities available so it would be great to hear from even more of you. Even if it is a simple “Like” on our Facebook page, a Retweet or guest post – It would really be appreciated. 

How to contact us:

Face Up Beauty Team



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