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Staying Positive During Isolation

Happy Wednesday!
Firstly, thank you for all of the kind words and support everyone gave me yesterday when I published my first post in ages! I have been so overwhelmed by the messages of encouragement and it has definitely reminded me that I literally have some of the best people around me supporting me in my aim to get back into the swing of blogging!
Thanks guyssss ๐Ÿ˜ผ
So in today’s post I wanted to focus on the current situation we find ourselves in and share some of the things that have really helped me stay positive and actually have allowed me to ENJOY being locked up in the house for the last few weeks (& keep me optimistic for the weeks to come!)
Surprisingly, whilst I know this can be a difficult time for so many people in the world, from fearing the virus itself to struggling with not being able to continue life as usual, I feel I have managed to find the silver lining in it all and wanted to share some of the main thought processes that have helped me get through.

Gratitude ๐Ÿ’™
The number one thing that has always come to mind is gratitude. Whilst right now it is easy to focus on the areas of our lives we are missing out on and longer have access to – like meeting up with our loved ones, leaving the house whenever we want to, celebrating birthday’s (yes, I’m a super bitter betty about that one lol) and all them Nando’s meals we are going - I’ve channelled my brain to actually consider all of the things I still do have in my life and above all think about how fortunate I am in comparison to other people in the world.
We’ve all been bombarded with tons of those “fake news” and viral chain messages from our parents and extended family members over the last few weeks and as much as these are super annoying and a lot of the time, actually dumb – there was one that I was sent that really resonated with me. (I did try looking for it but going through the 1000 media images sent in the last week is looking like a myth!)
But in short, it was an imagine saying how lucky we are for all of the tools we have in our lives to keep us protected and safe during the outbreak.
It made me think about all of the luxuries I still have even when so much of my daily life has been stripped back. The fact I have a home to isolate in, I have water in the taps to wash my hands 100 times a day with, I had enough money to stock up on my essential supplies and I have the internet to even be publishing this blog! Taking a step back and counting my blessings has been a huge factor in keeping me happy throughout this whole situation.
I’m grateful to be spending this much time with my mum. We’ve be laughing hysterically every single day and these are the moments I’m going to be wishing for when we all resume to daily life again. Being grateful has helped me stay grounded, stay positive and kept me smiling throughout this and it’s made me realise, this situation where all I have to do is stay in my house is light work in comparison to the number of people losing their loved ones in this crisis.

Purpose ๐Ÿ’š
Purpose is another huge factor that influences my daily life, even before this lockdown. It’s always important to keep always remember the WHY when you’re doing something uncomfortable or something you don’t particularly want to do and the why in this situation is as simple as keeping people alive – and I guess there couldn’t be a better reason to do anything other than to protect the whole world!
Literally, in order for us to play our part and help reduce the number of people who will die from this virus all we have to do is stay our ass indoors. Sounds simple enough right? Yes it’s frustrating and many people can be facing financial difficulties due to the situation or have no idea how their business are going to resume after this all blows over and these are all real life concerns and worries, but remembering why we are having to shut up shop for a little while will keep us grounded to the real purpose of what matters right now.
Looking at the purpose of this situation as a whole has been extremely helpful to mentally come to terms with this new way of life, but on a smaller scale – purpose can help you get through each and every single day too. Every single day I wake up with a purpose. What do I want to achieve from the next 24 hours and this can be absolutely anything some days. You may want to complete a certain project you’ve been working on for a while, or clean out that wardrobe that’s been overflowing for ages or your purpose of the day may be to catch up with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or even finish a Netflix series. As long as you have a purpose for the day, whether big or small, you’re less likely to feel like time is passing you by and you’ll end every single day feeling like it wasn’t a huge waste of 24 hours.

Embrace ๐Ÿ’›
Another thing I’ve been doing is fully embracing this time. It’s so easy to get caught up in the fear of the virus which in itself is such a frightening and scary reality but if we are looking at the fact that we have to be stuck at home all day – instead of becoming resentful towards it I want to really make sure I’m embracing it. We all know when we are released back into the world we are going to be begging for a work from home day or just a day to ourselves again, so make the most of it while we have it!
When in your life are you ever going to get to press pause on some of the stresses of everyday life (even though this virus would have inevitably created new ones)?
You literally could do anything your heart desires in the next 24 hours (as long as you stay at home) and for me in a situation which seems out of control, that is the most freeing thought! You can be practically productive in this time by taking up a new hobby or completing tasks you’ve put off for ages but also I think this time has helped me finally have some time to focus on my mental health and resolve all of these mental disputes that have been going around in my head for month.
I would say I had one of the hardest years of my life in 2019 and the way I dealt with it all was just by keeping busy. I dived into work and spent countless hours trying to further my career, I would make sure I stayed busy every weekend seeing family and friends and I would find things to do to occupy my time which was really due to the fact I didn’t want to sit alone and open up the pandora’s box of thoughts in my head. However, for the first time in ages I sit my ass down in the evenings, think about how I actually really feel about things, write it all down in my journal and by doing this I feel calmer and more at peace with so many situations.
Embrace this situation for what it is, the situation going on in the world is scary AF and it can seem uncontrollable at times but by focusing on what this time indoors is actually helping me achieve means I am embracing it and am somewhat thankful that I’ve been told to stay indoors for a period of time.
This absence of distractions has really felt like that mental recharge that my brain has been begging me for for months! 

Routine ๐Ÿ’œ
This is a pretty simple one but something that I didn’t have for the first few days which began to drive me pretty crazy. Setting a routine has been a saviour to my time lockdown. The first few days I would wake up, brush my teeth and jump straight onto my laptop and start working. I would stop around 2pm and grab something to eat and carry on until I finished what I had to do. That shit was so unhealthy.
I would turn around at like 5:30pm and realise I hadn’t even opened my curtains or even done my bed for the day and although my mum screaming in my ear about it had an impact on me having to change, I realised if I’m going to be here for at least 3 months, I could not continue this way without turning into a slob.
Me and my mum have created a cute little daily routine for ourselves which means we both know what time we plan to spend together and also what time and when we need to do our own thing.
I wake up in the morning, shower, brush my teeth and then wake my mum up before I log on to work from home for the day. She wakes up and does her morning things, prays and then calls me down for a quick breakfast which recently has been Weetabix (my fave!). I then go back up and continue working and have lunch at a normal lunch time (1:30pm – which is good for me!) and she spends the day running through the list of things we created for her to do. She’s developed this really random coin collection obsession where she’s been finding all of the international coins in the house and grouping them together and putting them into a collectors folder. I dunno, whatever floats her boat ha! We both finish up for the day at around 6ish and have dinner together and spend the evening watching Netflix together.
It’s become a daily routine and we both really enjoy the time we spend together as well as the time we have apart and it’s really helped us keep one another accountable when we lay in for way too long or don’t brush our hair for a whole day lol!

Communication ๐Ÿงก
For real, right now communication has been key for me. It’s literally been the thing that has kept me sane and connected to the world.
From regular facetime sessions with the my girls hearing about how their days been going and how my bestie Mimi is keeping in Spain, virtual walks with my best friend Mandni while she’s out walking her lil pup, calls with my family members and Tik Tok dance rehearsals with my brother, giggling away at the meme’s in my “bad bitches” WhatsApp group and my daily voice notes back and forth with Virren where I am laughing for hours on end – all of these forms of communication have definitely helped get me through each and every day and I am so grateful to have incredible positive people around me. Keeping in touch with people has helped me feel that sense of normality and reminded me we are all in this together.
The term self-isolation does suggest it is something we are going through alone, however the fact the whole country are isolation by themselves at the moment but we are all figuring out ways to keep connected through the internet fills me with so much joy.
Whether your isolating in the house with someone or actually at home on your own, talking to people about how you’re feeling on a particular day or what you’ve got up to to kill some time has strengthened my relationships with those around me and I really am so excited for when we can all get back together in person and celebrate coming out of the other side!
So yeah, those are some of the main things that have been keeping me grounded and sane during these unsettling times! I hope this helped some of you who may be struggling and I would love to know what has kept your minds in check and getting you through this national lockdown!
Imagine, this is going to go down as a huge part of history and we will be telling isolation stories for years to come. 
As always thank you all for reading and leave me a comment – it will make me smile loads ๐Ÿ˜Š

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