Tuesday 11 September 2018

Contouring with a Cushion Foundation?! | Beauty

Contouring has changed from being what once was a scary application, restricted by use for professional make up artists, to now becoming a staple in the majority of make up lovers’ day to day make up routine.

With contour sticks, wands, creams and powders – it has become more accessible to find the product that works best for you. As a make up junkie, I have honestly tried nearly every contouring method out there, but I have found my HOLY GRAIL method and product that I feel beats the rest!

…And it’s using the Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation in Shade 60 (Caramel) which is the darkest shade in the collection.

I got my hands on this product on a whim as Maybelline had their usual 3 for 2 or 3 for £15 offer at Superdrug and after purchasing my favourite concealer and mascara from the brand, I was drawn to this product and thought why not use it for a contour?!

Using a small make up sponge which I cut into a triangle shape, I dab some of the product on to my sponge from the cushion and press it into the areas that are in need of some refining and shaping. Typically, this are just under my cheek bones, long my forehand and under my jaw line. (I don’t usually contour my nose, however even if I did I feel this may not work as well on that area.)

After a few seconds of pressing the product into my skin, the foundation blends effortlessly with my foundation and gives me an even, subtle finish. The foundation is super blendable so going in with another layer is really easy. The product is lightweight and so easy to work with – which is why it’s perfect for everyday.

For days when I want to go in for a deeper, stronger contour I top this off with a light application of the NYX Contour Palette to really add some depth and it helps set everything in place!

I honestly couldn’t recommend this product more and I love the confusion on everyone’s face when they ask me how I manage to contour every single day!

What are you unconventional contouring favourites?


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