Monday 30 March 2020

Aartificial is Back!

Guess who's back? Back again...

Logging into my blogger account in what seems like years seems (ok, it literally was years ago..) feels super surreal but laying in bed last night entering my third week of self isolation, I was making a list of all the things I want to achieve whilst in lockdown. I have been super determined to make the most of this time and the number one goal for me was to revive my blog and get back into a hobby that used to make me feel so happy!

I was thinking about all of the things I wanted to write about, all the topics I wanted to discuss, I was wondering who my target audience would even be this time round, wondering what direction I wanted to take this and even if it's something I'm actually going to end up maintaining. But instead of filling my mind with enough questions to talk myself out of it, I set myself a goal to just get on with it and so here I am, sitting on my bed, legs crossed with my laptop in front of me just typing away like I used to do back in the day.

Why I stopped blogging?

Ok let me explain.. 

Blogging used to be my passion for the longest time, back in 2015 I committed myself to posting one blog and week and surprisingly I actually kept up with it. I used to take the worst quality images, do DIY back grounds with wrapping paper and have no idea about how to insert a damn hyperlink lol. As the years went by, whilst my photography and lighting improved (slightly), the content started to slow down and I was no longer in love with my favourite past time. 

Thinking back, I think the main reason I stopped blogging was because I felt like writing about the latest mascara from Maybelline or how to get a flawless base was no longer exciting and in the beauty blogging world, where you're competing with Celebrity Influencers and Millionaire Bloggers, I just felt my content was not as engaging and people no longer wanted to just read about products they wanted to go on YouTube and SEE them in action (& where I can't even post a Tik Tok video now, me making a YouTube channel back then was impossible lol.)

I guess at that point I became a bit defeated and as I grew older beauty was no longer a passion of mine. Yeah I'm still very much a make up hoarder and am suckered into buying new primers and foundations once a month, but I realised the content that I truly loved communicating were my more topical pieces about things that REALLY matter like my blog about the documentary India's Daughter and about that controversial "Protein World Advert" < Both linked so give them a read. plug plug plug. But I think growing up I was always quite anxious to share my real life attitudes towards certain topics so I shied away from it and just posted about some random face masks my brother got me from Korea (lol - they're proper good you know) and slowly just stopped forcing content out and neglected the whole website.  

Why I'm blogging again?

One thing I realised about myself is that I am a huge hypocrite you know. So I am that friend who will tell their friends they can do anything they want to in life, push people to take that career change or pick up a new hobby and past time but then for myself I would constantly say I was "too busy" to focus on the things I actually wanted to do with my down time. I would constantly make excuses as to why I've not yet completed that HR course I've been banging on about for timee or not gone to the gym in like 50 years lol but being in isolation, one thing I've realised is right now, for one of the first times ever in life, we all have the luxury of time. Time - that one thing I would blame for stopping me doing everything I wanted to do, the thing I would complain I didn't have enough of and wished I could have more of yet the same thing I would spend watching every episode of every trash reality show and getting myself to level 5082 on Candy Crush (Dude, I've clearly got time!). Right now, time cannot be a deciding factor for me NOT doing something I've wanted to do for a long while so when better to get my shit together than now, when the whole damn world is falling apart!

I'm entering back into this blogging world because I genuinely feel like I've got something to say again. I think that 21 year old girl who was thinking about her audience before she ever posted anything, thinking about who may potentially read her posts to judge, the same girl who didn't want to say anything too risky in fear of offending someone has pretty much disappeared and I actually want to explore some of my random thoughts in more detail - and if my content helps someone else in the world it's a super bonus!

What's different?

Well basically apart from the fact I still dress in all black all year round, what's different? Pretty much everything!

Okay here's literally a quick run through of what's changed in my life since my last update (brace yourself): I'm now five years older, going to turn 28 on Friday (yes shittest birthday ever! lol thanks COVID), I'm single now - my 9 year deep relationship ended last year so out here trying figure out how this whole single life works again and girrrrrl, that's a whole other topic LOL, I've progressed in my career quite rapidly and am now a HR Manager heading a Human Resources function all on my jack jones - basically blagging my way through life, still living at home with the legend that is Sangeet (my mama) but both my brothers are married, settled and moved out, I got my ass out of Ealing and actually commute into London every damn day for work (shocking - I know), but other than that I'm still a dickhead and say dickhead things on a daily basis and have decided to take my dickhead thoughts and put them into long words and post them for the world to see :)

What can you expect from this time around?

So I may chuck in a few, "oh look at this new highlighter isn't it to sparkly" kind of posts but really want I want to start focusing on are ideas, concepts and topics that really matter. I want to collaborate with different people and bring ideas and thoughts together in a cute well written package, I want to explore ideals and passions, I want to think about why I am how I am and probably unravel some topics that I don't fully understand myself but I just want to start conversations and hopefully bring people together. 

So yeah, Welcome back world (lol the 5 people I've sent this to and forced to read). 

I am really excited to be out here in this blogging world again but come guys I need your help, if you have any topics, ideas or general chit chat you think would be fun to write about or even if you want to get involved and start a conversation about your passions - let me know and let's get this shit cracking.

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Thanks for reading bitches...& leave a comment so I look like I'm poppin' init. 


  1. So glad you’re back Aarti! Such a great post and excited for the next one ��

  2. I love the spontaneous way of coming back and how sincere you are with yourself! READERS are coming your way gurrrrlĺl!love ya

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