Sunday 29 April 2018

Foot Masks.. For People Who Don't Actually Like Feet | Review

To start this post I have to put it out there - me and feet? We don't get along. I can't look at anyone else's feet, I can't have anyone else's foot touch me and people can't even come into my room without socks on but despite this the recent constant change in weather has meant I have had to boost my foot care routine and have become slightly obsessed with foot masks recently.

Two of my favourite foot masks have got to be the Argan Oil and the Coconut Water foot packs!

I picked these up from my local Savers for only £1 each and they have worked amazingly. Within each packed you receive a pair of socks enriched with different moisturising and nourishing ingredients. You simply wash your feet, whack them on for around 20 minutes and once removed your feet are left feeling soft and smooth.

The Argan Oil foot pack contains both Argan oil (Duh..) and Shea butter and the method of use makes these ingredients penetrate deep into your skin and break down any sort of dry skin. Due to the menthol contained in the pack after a few minutes you can feel a cooling, tingling sensation which I personally love because it always makes me feel like the product is actually doing something.

The Coconut Water foot pack works in the exact same way and with this one I see even more of an instant change in the texture of my feet. After using the pack, you are left with a lingering coconut scent which I personally love and the deep moisurised feeling lasts for a good week or so.

Both packs are easy to use as they only require you to put on a pair of socks, both socks are coated with a plastic outing which means you can actually walk with them on if you need to (It does feel slightly funny as you can feel the wet product inside as you walk), and both are extremely cheap!

For a pound each they are definitely worth the money - and I'm sure there are so many deals for multi-buys on Ebay and Amazon!

Highly recommend - Especially for you guys who don't really like feet because you have to have minimal contact with feet to use these! LOL..


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