Sunday 25 January 2015

Soap and Glory - Offer Review

Land of Soap and Glory

Over the Christmas break, me and my mum were doing our usual boxing day sale shopping (which can I just say was a huge disappointment) and we went into boots. 
My mum being the saver that she is (nice way to put it) loves going into boots on boxing day and stocking up on gift sets we may need throughout the year.. So whilst she was looking at silly bath sets nobody would ever want, I popped down the makeup aisle .. Obviously and found an offer on Soap and Glory Cosmetics.

I’m a pretty newbie to Soap and Glory make up but am a huge fan of their body butters and shower creams that I decided to give it a go.

Beauty Hack #1 - D.I.Y Leave in Conditioner

DIY Leave In Conditioner
As part of my blog I've decided to make a weekly series of Beauty hacks to share with my readers!  LOVE beauty hacks and finding new tips and tricks.

This week's beauty hack is D.I.Y Leave In Conditioner

Leave in Conditioners are great to retain the feeling of freshly washed, shiny and smooth hair. The winter months have a habit of just sucking all the life out of my hair and leaving it feeling so dry and knotty towards the ends.

We've all seen the expensive branded leave in conditioners, but who says you can't create your own at home at practically no cost at all?


Tuesday 20 January 2015


Pink Me Up x P.S Love x Polka

Whilst browsing my local Primark I was pleasantly surprised to find new additions to their fragrance section. Straight away, I had to try out the testers and pick up a few of my favourite scents. The majority of the new scents are accompanied with roller ball versions which I think is a great touch by Primark and as £2 a pop the roller baller's are a great inexpensive way to try out the fragrances for yourself!

Monday 19 January 2015

Ultimate Drugstore Primer Battle

Ultimate Drugstore Primer Battle

"Primers are lingerie for your face!" Some of you may read that like eh? Well let me explain..

While the right primer can smoothen, flatter and conceal everything you want to hide - the wrong product could do no justice for anything you try to put on top! Like many things, you have to think from the bottom upwards so starting with a primer that helps your foundation apply easily, sit well and last all day is the way to go.

This is why I am constantly on the hunt in my local drugstores to find the best primer on the market - and for a great price!

Let the battle commence:

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