Thursday 14 April 2016

Beauty Snappers You NEED To Be Following

Are you a snapchat addict like me? Is it one of the most used apps on your phone? Do the new filters keep you entertained for hours like it does for me?

Well whilst you can expect random filtered selfies and meal pics from me from my account (atanna), Snapchat has also become one of my go-to platforms to kill some time and escape into someone else's virtual life for a while! As much as I enjoy watching girls mime songs into the camera with their brows and pout on point (sense my sarcasm?), Snapchat is one of my favourite places to go to keep up with my favourite beauty bloggers and youtubers.

So here are the Snappers YOU need to be following to really be in the loop...


Thursday 7 April 2016

Putting Coconut Oil to The Test | Kick Start Fat Loss*

We've all read about the magical powers of Coconut Oil. 

Whether it's the go to delicious ingredient to add a little something to you everyday recipes or you've been promised a gleaming white smile through oil pulling - We've all heard the countless benefits and possible uses for coconut oil and I am ready to put them to the test.

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