Thursday 14 April 2016

Beauty Snappers You NEED To Be Following

Are you a snapchat addict like me? Is it one of the most used apps on your phone? Do the new filters keep you entertained for hours like it does for me?

Well whilst you can expect random filtered selfies and meal pics from me from my account (atanna), Snapchat has also become one of my go-to platforms to kill some time and escape into someone else's virtual life for a while! As much as I enjoy watching girls mime songs into the camera with their brows and pout on point (sense my sarcasm?), Snapchat is one of my favourite places to go to keep up with my favourite beauty bloggers and youtubers.

So here are the Snappers YOU need to be following to really be in the loop...

1. ReadySetGlamour - @ReadySetSnaps
Starting this list off with one of my favourite beauty vloggers of all time and that's Michelle from ReadySetGlamour. As the first snapper I search for in my feed, you can see endless lipstick and eyeshadow swatches, quick product reviews and oh so many unboxing snaps to see what newbies she's got in her PR packages. With such a contentious positive attitude you are bound to fall in love with her personality and Youtube Channel even more!

2. Desi Perkins & Lustrelux (Katy) - @Desiperkins & @Lusterlux
So while they may both be different accounts, you can't follow Desi without following Katy too and vice versa. After a couple of days viewing their snaps you are not only going to develop a love for their dogs, you'll also start incorporating "GIRRL" and "SQUAD" into your everyday vocab. They often take you along to their brand meetings and trips and give you the low down on what's new in the beauty world.

3. Jaclyn Hill @Jaclynrhill
Jaclyn has got to have the most active snapchat game of all the Youtubers I follow. Open the app and you are bound to see a snap or two of her dogs and enjoyable random rants and chats to her subscribers. One word of advice though, the volume can get loud on her snaps so make sure to turn it down a little before opening!

4. Allure Magazine@AllureMag
This is a bit of a random one, but I have become obsessed with Allure's snapchat account recently. I followed them on a whim and I haven't looked back ever since. You can find everything from quick tutorials to tours of their stunning offices. The account is used by so many different departments so whether it's make up or fashion you're interested in - You'll be entertained everyday!

5. Huda Beauty - @RealHudaBeauty 
Huda, along with her sisters Mona (@monakattan) and Alya (@alyakattan) and Husband Chris aka "Mr Huda Beauty" (@Mr_HudaBeautyprovide endless entertainment via snapchat. Be prepared to see Alya try fight her Diet Coke addiction, Crissy's morning gym workouts and impromptu apperances from Huda's daughter Nour. Huda's social media game has always been killing it and her snapchat is no different.

And there are my top 5 (kinda 6) Beauty Snapchatters that you need to me following! Are you already following any of them? Who would you recommend? Leave your snapchat names below and I'll be sure to give you an add and connect!

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