Thursday 15 December 2016

Charcoal and Volcanic Soil - The Pore Cleansing Face Mask with Sea Salt | H&M - Review

Face Masks have got to be the best part of my skincare routine. Whether its a clay mask, bubble mask, sheet mask or even a DIY Home Made Mask - I love it. There is something so rewarding about applying them to my face, sitting back and relaxing and having smooth, glowy skin a little while later.

So while I was browsing through the beauty department in H&M at Westfield I couldn't help but pick up a few of their face masks - Not only did they look so cute in their packaging, they were also so reasonably priced so I have to snap them up.

In typical form it was the mask that promised to help me with one of my major skincare woes - Pores!! 


Like I mentioned already, the packaging has got to be one of the things that really drew me in to buying this mask. I loved how they all come in a cute little, almost tester sized, tub as travelling with these would be a doddle. Once removed from the outer casing each tub comes with a peel back lid and 10ml of product. Overall, I love the aesthetics of the packaging, I love how easy it would be to travel with however as you get just about enough product for 2 applications I'd love for the lid to be resealable. My only advice is to not remove the lid completely so you can re-cover the remaining product easily to re use.


So I got about 2 applications out of this small tub and that was me being generous and applying two layers every time. The consistency of this mask isn't as thick as I expected from a clay mask but it is easily build-able using a foundation brush and the drip free formula makes it so easy to work with. I left the mask on for around 20-25 minutes (I never listen to the recommended time) and it was completely dry when it came time to wash it off. I opted for using a damp muslin cloth to remove the mask as Cellulose sponges just weren't doing the trick. A little bit more of a faff that other face masks I've used but nothing to put me off the product!


While the face mask was on and doing it's thing - I could feel a mild tingle which went away once the mask was dry. Personally, I love feeling my facial products tingling as to me this means they're working! Once the mask was fully removed my skin really did feel super hydrated and clean. Whether my pores were cleansed isn't something I could have actually measured but I definitely saw a difference in the complexion and texture of my face. The next day my make up and primer applied like a dream and I'm already looking forward to trying my next H&M Face Mask!


The price for this mask is £1.99 which is very reasonable and you are getting a quality mask for that price. However, when weighing up the amount of product you are getting - I'm not sure this will be a regular purchase for me as there are many other Clay Masks on the market with similar results, similar price point but A LOT more product for your money. But don't let that put you off completely, I think the H&M masks are a lovely concept, well packaged and give amazing results so if you love trying new skincare definitely give it a go!

Final Thoughts

I am a fan of this face mask and it really does work! For a high street fashion brand H&M have done a great job with their entire beauty range and it's worth giving the masks a go. They have it all covered from Deep Cleansing and Detox masks to Moisturizing and Nourishing masks - so you're bound to find something to suit your needs!


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