Thursday 22 February 2018

AfterSpa Magic Make Up Remover Cloth | Review

Applying make up? That’s the fun part but removing my make up has got to be the chore I hate at the end of the day. So when I received the AfterSpa Magic Make Up Remover Cloth in my Birchbox the other month I was excited to try out this product that promised to take the pain away (as well as my make up!)

As instructed, I put the cloth in the washing machine before using it and once it was washed and dried I simply wet my face and use the cloth to remove my full face of make-up. Unlike most cloths you have to actually wet your face first then use to cloth to wipe, whereas previously I have always wet the cloth then proceeded with a cleanser to remove my make-up.

I have to admit I was neither under whelmed or over whelmed with the results. It did remove my make-up but I don’t know whether I wear just a bit too much or not, but it didn’t remove ALL of my make-up. The first layer of my foundation as well as my eye liner was removed easily, however my 3 layers of mascara did struggle to come off.

I found the cloth was waaay to small to be fit for purpose however, this could have been due to the fact that it was a sample in my birchbox but the size made it very difficult to work with and as the cloth got wetter it reduced in size even more.

I am yet to challenge the claim as to whether it really does work for over 1000 uses but so far on the odd 10-15 times I’ve used it I found the product pretty average. The price point is relatively cheap, so as a cloth to take away with you on holiday – it would work great as it means you don’t need to pack cleansers, make up removers etc. but for a day to day I am happy to keep using my beloved Cetaphil cleanser and Primark muslin cloth.

You can get your hands on the cloth to try for yourself at @birchbox - AfterSpa Magic Make Up Remover Cloth


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