Thursday 22 February 2018

My Hair Essentials | ft Schwarzkopf's Got2B Line

It's been a while since I've done a post about the bane of my life - that is my hair. 

I have such a love/hate relationship going on with these locks of mine. Ask me to spend around 3 hours piling on products on my face, perfecting my winged liner and contouring the crap out of my jawline and I'm down for it.. But ask me to spend around 10-15 minutes trying to get my hair to look reasonably put together and you'll get my classic eye roll.

Due to the fact I have long, thick hair and no motivation to spend hours faffing around with it, I'm always on the look out for some new products to inject a little bit of life into my hair with minimum effort and I have to admit Schwarzkopf's Got2B line has been ticking all the boxes for me.

Let me jump straight into the products that have been keeping both me and my hair happy over recent months.

Starting with one of my first ever Schwarzkopf products..

This handy product is perfect for them days when I've just given my hair a quick straighten in the morning and am looking to add a little oomph without the need of excessive back combing. I've written about this product in my previous "Let's Talk Hair" post so won't go into too much detail but this powder is so easy to work with and gives my roots the right amount of lift!

Sticking with a product that adds more volume and shape to my locks...

I picked this up the other day during my weekly supermarket run as I thought it would be another product that could help me add a bit more body to my hair. I'm currently in the process of growing out my layers to get them at an even length which means my hair is seriously flat - The lack of layers make my hair lay flat onto my head which is a look I want to leave back in my hair school  years. A quick spray of this throughout my hair instantly adds a little bit of body and shape! The only downside with this product is that is it slightly sticky when first applying. It takes a few comb through's with your fingers to get the texture you really want but all in all a great product.

Now for my Go-To lazy day life saver

My natural hair is no fun at all.. Its not lusciously curly or amazingly straight - it's that annoying in-between kind of hair so this Salt Spray is great to add a little more definition to my waves and make them look a little bit more put together. This spray is so easy to use and I seem to be reaching for it more and more (I think it's because I've become lazier) - It's definitely a simple, fuss free hair styling product so you know I'm all about it.

Last but most definitely not least is my favourite of the bunch 

Listen when this says it's a FREEZE Spray it's 100% a freeze spray. I've tried so many different hairsprays throughout my time and this hair spray has got to be the one with the best hold! After one spritz of this on slightly teased roots I know I'm going to have volume all day long. The smell of this hair spray is incredible and had a slightly fruity whiff (nothing too overpowering) but I just cannot get over the hold this gives me. It is one of them hairsprays that make your hair hard and stiff which would be the downside but I'm willing to settle for that if my hair stays in place all day.
All in all I had no idea that so many Schwarzkopf products from their Got2b line found their way to my daily routines until I actually sat down and realised what I was using on a day to day basis. I know there are many other products in this line from hair gels and hair clays but let's leave that for the boys and enjoy their volume adding, body creating hair products that have become essentials for me. 

Thanks for reading. Let me know what your favourite, affordable hair products are and if you've tried any items I've mentioned :) 

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