Wednesday 25 April 2018

Filorga - Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution | Review

And the winner for the best micellar water is...FILORGA!

As many of my previous blog posts have mentioned, I really do enjoy the process of applying make up but taking it off has got to be one of the biggest daily chores for me!

I've tried everything from cleansing balms, make up removing gels and milks to make up remover cloths and wipes. One product I repeatedly go back to are Micellar waters - simply for their non-messy, easy usage and the relatively cheap price tag so when I got my hands on the Filorga Anti-Ageing Micellar solution I was excited to see how this product held up against my other favourites and it did not disappoint. 

Easy to Use
Literally, put some on a cotton pad and wipe. Could it get any easier?
Depending on how much make up I've applied that day I use need either one or two cotton pads and every inch of my make up is removed. 
I love that fact that I can use this product while I'm chilling in front of the TV as you don't even need to rinse your face after using it as it doesn't leave any residue and is not oily at all.
Who doesn't want to look young forever? The Rhamnose and Trehalose infused in the product has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating qualities known to keep skin looking youthful and fresh!
Price Point
In terms of how expensive everything within the skincare industry has become, it's refreshing that this product has a very reasonable price point. Averaging at around £15 for 400ml you cannot go wrong!

Overall, I am so happy this product comes in such a huge bottle because I know it's going to become a product I reach for on a daily basis. 

100% a wonder product. 

What are your favourite make up removers?  



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