Thursday 20 October 2016

Maybelline Master Kajal Eye Liner - Hit Or Miss?

Eye Liner has got to be one of my favourite make up products to experiment with. Where most beauty lovers love to switch up their lip colour depending on their mood - You can always catch me with a different eyeliner colour depending on the season (or which one is sharpened in the morning)

So when I saw Maybelline's Master Kajal Liner I was suckered in by the unusual packaging and shape and the first swatch had me sold. 

The first one of the two I picked up was the Kajal Liner in black. You can't really go wrong with a deep dark black liner and I guess you can never have too many in your collection. Then, when I saw the blue version on Fragrance Direct for just 99p I was not only pissed because I had just paid £4 more for a different shade but I was also SO excited to get my hands on another one!

When I first tried the black liner out when I got home I was quite impressed. I loved how smooth the application was, the product was pigmented and easily glided on and for weeks this was the first liner I reached for. I loved the fact that that I could just pick it up and use it without having to look for a sharpener and it pretty much lasted all day without too much smudging going on. However, after a couple of weeks of using it and as the point because less "pointed" I noticed the liner was a lot harder to use and without any tool I could use to sharpen the nib it was beginning to become a hot mess. Without a pointed nib I found the liner wouldn't apply neatly or precisely and the product would not stay in my waterline. Half way through the day I would have a serious case of panda eyes and I had to come to terms with the fact that even though there was so much product left - I just couldn't use it properly.

It was pretty much the same story with the blue liner. The blue shade is less pigmented so it requires a couple more swipes to get the best colour pay off but for the first few weeks I really loved using this liner. As the weeks went on the same thing happened with the nib no matter how much I tried to avoid it! 

Overall, I think the idea behind the kajal liner is great and I love seeing brands come up with initiative new ways to package their products but this one just didn't work for me. Maybe if the liner came with a handy sharpening devise  this could work. Great product - Not so great practicality! With this all being said, Maybelline do make some of my favourite eye liners like the Master Drame Nude Eye Pencil which works amazing in the tear duct as a subtle highlight and the intensity and pigmentation of Master Drama Pencils are amazing - So don't write them off just yet, just stay away from the Master Kajal Liners!

Have you tried any Maybelline liners? Any to recommend or any you regret buying? Let us all know below...


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