Sunday 25 January 2015

Beauty Hack #1 - D.I.Y Leave in Conditioner

DIY Leave In Conditioner
As part of my blog I've decided to make a weekly series of Beauty hacks to share with my readers!  LOVE beauty hacks and finding new tips and tricks.

This week's beauty hack is D.I.Y Leave In Conditioner

Leave in Conditioners are great to retain the feeling of freshly washed, shiny and smooth hair. The winter months have a habit of just sucking all the life out of my hair and leaving it feeling so dry and knotty towards the ends.

We've all seen the expensive branded leave in conditioners, but who says you can't create your own at home at practically no cost at all?

All you need is:
- A spray bottle
- Your usual Conditioner
- Water

I'm guessing everyone already has some normal hair conditioner at home so use it to keep the moisture in!

1 Part conditioner
3 Parts Water.

Pour this into a spray bottle and shake.

Tadaa, you now have a bottle of leave in conditioner to keep your hair shiny even on them "I cba to wash my hair" days!

This works well to control frizz, keep moisture and keeps your hair smelling good too!

Do you have any other beauty hacks to share? Tried this? Let me know below...

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  1. Love this!!!!
    I'm going to try this out on the weekend and let you know how it went

    Thanks for sharing babe xxx


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