Tuesday 20 January 2015


Pink Me Up x P.S Love x Polka

Whilst browsing my local Primark I was pleasantly surprised to find new additions to their fragrance section. Straight away, I had to try out the testers and pick up a few of my favourite scents. The majority of the new scents are accompanied with roller ball versions which I think is a great touch by Primark and as £2 a pop the roller baller's are a great inexpensive way to try out the fragrances for yourself!

Pink Me Up – 50ml: £6  10ml: £2 

                     “Candylicious blend of sweet lemon and rose on a base of musk”

As the description on the box suggests this is a very young, light daytime scent which is perfect for the summer. This fragrance is a dupe for the more pricey Dolce and Gabbana – Light Blue and Lacoste – Touch of Pink. It is a perfect addition to your handbag for when you want quick touch ups during the day. I am not crazy about the bottle shape, but it is nothing offense so for £6 I think this is definitely a bargain.

Polka – 50ml + 10ml: £6 

I now move on to my favourite scent of the bunch. Polka is definitely a more mature, evening scent in comparison to Pink Me Up. The cute packaging nods towards that of Marc Jacobs – Dot, however the scent is an amazing dupe for Paco Rabanne  – Lady Million, which could cost you over triple the price of the Primark version. Obviously, the staying power of the Primark dupe is not as long as Lady Million but the travel friendly size makes touching up easy.

Additional goodness: I picked up the Polka Gift Set, which included a 50ml bottle as well as the roller ball version for the £6! 

P.S Love – 50ml £6 

Surround yourself with love and lace.. Intimate and Sensual floral notes of yang ylang and fresh jasmine are surrounded by succulent peach accords. The scent of pure femininity.”

That mouthful of a description doesn't do the scent any favours. This perfume shares a name with the Primark beauty line and like many of the beauty products, it doesn't amaze me. With strong musky undertones, the smell is not one of my favourite smells from the line however the discounted price of £6 for both the 50ml bottle and 100ml body wash is great for those who enjoy this scent.

Overall Comment:

Well Done Primark!!

Let me know if you've tried out any of these fragrances and your thoughts...


  1. i've not tried any of these but think ill give then a whiff when I'm next in Primark! xxx


  2. these sound pretty great! love the polka packaging!
    following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

  3. I just love perfumes, specially that black polka designed bottle, looks cool.
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  4. Hiya, I bought the Love Lace perfume some time in 2015, I haven't been able to buy it since. This particular smell has a very very sentimental value to me and I would really love to buy more. I have looked for it every time I have been to primark and even emailed them to find that they have discontinued this product. Are you still able to buy it in your area or know of any perfumes with a very similar smell? Thank you x 

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