Thursday 26 February 2015

Beauty Hack #2 - Tame Those Fly Aways + Story Confession

Beauty Hack /2
So this one time when I was younger I was obsessed with that half down - half up + quiff look. You all know which one I'm talking about. But the only problem was my hair was not cut right for me to take part in this "cool" fashion statement. So one morning while getting ready for school I attempted the look as usual and found a lot of my fringe was too short to mould into a quiff so I decided "Obviously, the best thing to do right now is to just cut off all this hair that doesn't quiff and my problem is solved. Right?." 


So I did and cutting a long story short I can now say this regrowth has been a B*tch reminded me to Stay Away From The Scissors. 

So if you’re prone to baby hairs (or decided you were an expert stylist at the age of 13) you will understand my pain.

But getting these untamed hairs to do as you say can be simple.

All you need to do is spray an old toothbrush with some hair spray.

And use this to smooth down and flatten any fly – aways.

The toothbrush will give a sleek effect whilst the hair spray will keep these down!

Have you got any embarrassing make up or hair stories? Would love to hear them below..


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