Tuesday 3 March 2015

Superdrug Haulling.

Superdrug Haul
Everyone's been there. Go into a drugstore to buy one simple essential item and you come out with a whole bag of goodies and a suffering bank balance.

Well that's exactly what happened to me last weekend, popped in to get something so simple and ended up getting sucked into some of the current offers. So much so that the woman at the counter swiped my Beautycard and was amazed at the amount of points I've racked up!

I thought I'd share a few of the items I picked up on my latest visit.

So this was the item I originally went in for. I just needed some simple cotton pads to use with my Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water and was very happy to see Superdrug doing a multi-pack of 3 packets for £3 which is a great saving for this essential item.

Now let's get to the fun bit.

Maybelline Offer: Their amazing 3 for 2 offer is back
 (even though it never seems to go away)

The beauty blogging community has been raving about this product so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and give it a go for myself. They have a pretty decent colour selection and I managed to find a great match for my skin tone. I've been testing this foundation out for t
he last few days and I have got to say I do love it! It's everything it says it would be, the applicator is so easy to use and it gives you such nice glowy natural coverage.

So I didn't really need this product as I have so many black eye-liners in my collection but I've tried this out before and it is one of my favourites so I thought why not? I love how soft this pencil is and it's so easy to work with!

I'm not a huge lip colour kind of girl and I hardly ever use lipsticks or lip liners but this managed to catch my eye because it's something in between. I liked the colour and do want to get more into lip products so let me give this a go.

L'Oreal Paris Offer: 3 for 2 

Yes i'm totally contradicting myself by grabbing another lip product but I wanted something to go with the Maybelline product that I got so this seemed like a good match. I liked the finish of this Lipstick and it's in the palette my mum likes too so thought at least if I didn't like it, she could make use.

6. L'oreal Paris Infallible Mattifying Primer 

(Would love to link this for you but for some reason it's not online yet - Maybe it's new?)

Anyone who has read my Ultimate drugstore primer battle will know I shouldn't be buying any more primers! Does this stop me? No? I am a HUGE fan of primers and feel they dramatically change my whole foundation routine so when i saw this one I was so intrigued. I've tried it out for a day or two and I'm impressed! But let me give it the true test and I will have a review up for you guys soon.

I noticed this product and remembered Kaushal Beauty speaking about it in one of her make up tutorials and she made it look amazing!! I loved the whole concept behind it and it makes application look so easy! Again, I've tried this out for a few days but I keep going back and forth between this and my Master Drama pencil so no in depth review just yet.

Barry M Offer - 2 for £7

The biggest pain in the ass when trying to do your nails is the constant hand flapping and blowing you have to do to get your nails to dry as soon as possible so you can actually resume your normal life. It's the same for me at the salon, I sit there so impatiently, figiding and getting restless as I wait for my nails to dry. (Most of the time I don't wait long enough which means I smudge them even after the warning of "Be careful") so this concept was so appealing to me! I loved the colour because it's something different to what I already own. Win/Win!

I'm lucky enough to be able to get my nail treatments for free which means I love experimenting with new colours and effects. I love the look of matte nails, I already own a few of Barry M's Matte colour polishes but this seemed like the economical choice as it meant I could turn any colour I liked in the salon to a matte finish. I opted for a dark grey colour and my nail technician (Tom) was so impressed by this that I went out and got him one too to use on his clients!

There we have it. All haulled out. Like I said, once I trail some of these products out a little more I will have a more in depth review up to let you know whether they were worth the price.

Aarti x


  1. Whaaat! Numbers 1 and 7 I have never even seen before and they look awesome!

    I would definitely try those two if they ever release them in SA :)



  2. Thanks for dropping by! Love everything you got. I need to try out that Maybelline foundation

  3. What a great haul. I want all of these.
    I have the velvet lip crayon I really like it. It's a great PPP of colour for every day.



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