Monday 31 August 2015

Back to Black | Hair

Back to Black
So I had been toying with the idea of a new hair colour for quite a while now and after spending 3 years as a certified brunette I thought I would go back to my roots and go back to black! I am always going back and forth between these two colours. (And if I’m being honest, I got a bit tired of touching up my roots) So it was most definitely time for me to go to the dark side.

I thought I would share how I achieved the look and a few products that have found their way into my daily routine to keep the colour as vibrant and my hair hydrated.

Firstly, the colour I used to get my hair THIS black is the Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL in 99 Deep Black. I ALWAYS go to Schwarzkopf when I’m looking for a dramatic change because with one attempt I get the exact colour I want! The dying process is pretty easy. The box comes with everything you need from the dye itself, to gloves (Although I still managed to get it all over my hands), to the amazing conditioner to use after rinsing. The only downside of this dye is the consistency. It is a lot runnier than the dyes I usually use and when dying my hair JET black I could feel my mum’s eyes piercing into me to make sure I don’t ruin her beloved white rug!!

Now to keep my hair feeling as soft as possible, I knew I had to switch up my hair care routine just a little. So I got myself the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner. I am such a huge fan of this brand! The pink crystals combo is usually my go to formula but if I wanted the vibrancy to last I thought I would opt for a colour protector.

Is it just me or does your hair feel really flat after colouring? I don’t know why but for weeks after dying my hair I find it so difficult to get a bit of ommph in my hair so I got my hands on the L’Oreal Elnette hairspray for coloured hair. (I know this sounds like a L’Oreal add but I swear its not) I think everyone and their mum’s are dedicated fans of this hairspray and I don’t technically know what the difference between the one for the coloured hair or normal hair is but it does the job and makes me think I’m being more caring towards my hair.

What are your favourite hair colours? Any tips to keep the colour lasting longer?

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  1. I always wanted to be a ginger, though my complexion does not allow doing so


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