Sunday 6 September 2015

Roll On Fragrances - Under £5 | Fragrance

So here's the low down..
A few months ago I was perfume OBSESSED. I was buying the left right and center Some of you may have noticed when reading one of my very first posts Primark Fragrances - and during this time I got my hands on some amazing roll on perfumes at amazing prices and now that I've actually repurchased a lot of them I think it's about time I share them with you!

So why roll on fragrances?

Well there are so many reasons why I have been drawn to the idea of using roll on perfumes. 
Firstly, they are such a great, inexpensive way to test our perfumes before you commit to purchasing the full size bottle. For a lot less than half the price you can get your hands on a roll on version which means you can try out the scent and see if it gets on your Must Have list!
Then there's the practically of the cute, travel friendly sized bottles. We all know the headache that comes along with carrying out heavy, chunky perfume bottles in your bag. The extra weight it adds and the constant fear of smashing the bottle (if you throw your bag around as much as I do). I love popping one of these in my bag for me to use to top up during the day.
And lasting, I love how you and apply the scent exactly where you want it. Roll on Fragrances are perfect for targeting the best places to apply scents. Using these behind your ears and on your wrists is so easy and lasts ages!

My Top Picks - Under £5

1. Pink Me Up - Primark | £2
As mentioned in my Primark Fragrances posts, this is such a lovely summer scent. I love using this on nice summer mornings and topping it up during the day. It reminds me of my favourite teenage scent "Lacoste - Touch of Pink" and at only £2 you cant go wrong. 

2. P.S Love - Primark | £2
Another Primark bargin is this slightly stronger scent. This is a more mature scent, which is perfect for nights out or evening dinners. This is my go to essential to throw into my clutch bag on nights out.

3. River Island | £4
Unfortunately, my favourite River Island scent doesn't come with a specific name but is the Gold bottle that can be seen in the image above. At only a slightly higher price than the Primark roll on's there is a huge range in River Island at the moment. After trying out a few in the range I've actually gone back and purchased the full size perfume bottles of my favourites. 

I would say the River Island smells are slightly more mature than some of the Primark scents and do last quite a bit longer. So although they are double the price they are hardly a dent to your bank balance so give them a try.

So there you have it, my round up of some of my favorite Roll on Fragrances all under £5! 

Would love to know if you've tried any of these out and what your favourites are?
Comment below.



  1. Never tried roll ons before - definitely going to give them a go!

    Sharan |

  2. I wanna try the River Island one :)


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