Wednesday 23 September 2015

Autumn Tag 2015 | Lifestyle

I don't know about you but I love doing Tags. So the new Season gives me just the excuse I needed to come up with a few questions and create a tag of my own. So let's begin:

Favourite Thing About Autumn? 
I absolutely love this time of year. I love how cosy the whole season feels so my favourite thing about the season is being able to layer clothing and for it to be socially acceptable to wear black/grey/brown almost every day (as if I don’t wear it all year round).
Favourite Autumn Drink? 
I am a sucker for a good hot chocolate with crazy amounts of cream on top.
Favourite Autumn Candle? 
Ah candles. My favourite candle for this time of year is anything coconutty. I’m in LOVE with Coconut Bay – Yankee Candle but cannot wait to get my hands on their Autumn Range and the Salted Caramel jar.
Favourite Autumn Snack? 
Halloween’s coming so it has to be chocolate. (I’m not going to write too much as I’m on this dreaded low carb diet at the moment and the thought of yummy food while I’m snacking on celery is doing me no good).
Favourite Autumn Lipstick? 
Avid readers of my blog will know I’m not a huge lipstick wearer. My obsession lies more in  finding the perfect foundation and contour combo so when it comes to lips I still like to keep it simple and nude. However, I am loving the dark bold lip trend popping up all over the shop this season so if you have any recommendations for Indian skin tones then I would love to know.
Go To Autumn Moisturiser?  
This season literally steals all moisture from my skin! So for the daytime I reach for my Cetaphil – Daily moisturiser as it’s gentle and does the job but my night cream is the L’Oreal Magic Blur cream. It’s slightly thicker than the Cetaphil moisturiser so my skin is amazing once I wake up.
Favourite Make Up Look? 
I love green on my eyes this time of year. I’ve been rocking my long lost green eyeliner recently and am becoming somewhat obsessed. In terms of eye shadow, for days when I’m making an effort I reach for my Maybelline nudes palette and opt for the more golden and dusky shades.
Favourite Music This Time Of Year? 
I am not ashamed to admit this but I have developed such a huge obsession with Jessie J at the moment so her new album is getting me through my draining commutes home. Masterpiece is MY JAM right now. (No matter how annoyed my boyfriend gets when I try to force him to play it for me in his car)
Favourite Autumn Movie? 
As soon as it gets to this  time of year I find any excuse to watch Halloween Town. For any of you guys who grew up with The Disney Channel you would know exactly why I am in love with this film and for those who didn’t then you should definitely give it a watch! Disney Family Movies at it’s best!
Favourite Item of Clothing?
Autumn is not complete without a leather jacket and big wolly scarf!
Favourite place to be? 
In my living room with my comfy primark PJs, candles on, fireplace on watching big brother or X Factor and singing along.
Favourite Halloween costume?

I feel like I haven’t dressed up in YEARS but I have to admit one of my favourite Halloween costumes of all time were the costumes me and my friends came up with last minute in our first year of university. Consisted of wripped up leggings, Cut white men’s T-Shirt from Primark and red lipstick everywhere! Simple but effective? (Maybe not).

A Tag wouldn't be complete without me mentioning some of my favourite bloggers to answer the question for themselves so I TAG:

Make sure you let me know once you've done it - Can't wait to see what you all love this time of year!



  1. I LOVE reading tag posts and since Autumn is my favorite this one was so fun! Great Post! XO -Kim

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Do the tag yourself if you like - let me know if you do it would be nice to read your answers x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading and your lovely comment! xx


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