Tuesday 5 January 2016

Make Up Forever | HD Foundation | Review

I think I'm going to change the meaning of TGIF to Thank God It's Foundation! My foundation obsessed has reached peak position right now so while my bank account is crying I thought I would put my addiction to some use and give you all a review of my latest addition to the collection!

Make Up Forever | HD Foundation

So some of you may have seen this gem on my recent wishlist. 

Does anyone else make a wishlist post as a way to justify getting your hands whatever you have lusting for? See my logic is "If I wasn't sensible I would have just ordered it as soon as I wanted it, but no. I waited. I pondered. I blogged. I tweeted. So I have now made an informed decision!"

I have been eyeing this up for some time now. It promises a world of wonders for your skin so in true Aartificial fashion I thought I would give it a test run for myself.

Colour Match:
So I picked this up during my travels on Oxford Street. I have never purchased anything from Make Up Forever before so I went in for a colour match and was recommended shade 153. I find the best shade match I have ever had was my Supercover shade in and side by side the colours are almost identical so we are in for a good start.

Next, the texture and consistency of the foundation was a pleasant surprise! I don't know if it's just my bad luck but I was ended up buying foundations that are too runny and difficult to work with, but I think the consistency of this foundation has to be one of my favourites! It's definitely not too runny but thin enough for me to use when I don't want maximum coverage. It's very build-able and takes me to full coverage with another layer or so without feeling heavy on the skin.

So you know when you hear HD foundation. Does anyone know what that is actually meant to mean? (Yes, I know High Definition but practically what does that promise for your skin?) Before getting this foundation I really didn't know and as the queen of Gimmicks the marketing worked and I was suckered into it. But after using this product religiously every weekend for a month or so now I can draw my own conclusions which are:

1. It stops my foundation looking flat 
2. Adds a dewy finish but not too oily
3. Makes certain areas of my face pick up light making me look all radiant 
4. Evens out my skin tone and masks any imperfections

So overall, whatever HD foundation is. I LOVE IT.

Well there's not much to say really is there? It's a standard bottle with a standard pump and a standard lid. I would have enjoyed a little bit more fanciness in the packaging but let's be honest we just want something that does the job and the added pump is a great touch to stop me getting the product everywhere and wasting it.

I would mark this product has a high end foundation because it doesn't come along with the bank balance friendly price tag of some of my favourite drug store bases but do I think it's worth the price? Most definitely. Out of the majority of higher end foundations I have got in my collection this is my favourite (Beating MAC, Estee Lauder & Nars). So as it is reasonably priced but not exactly cheap I have a serious conflict with myself every morning trying to fight the urge of using it every single day.

Would I recommend it?
YES YES YES. I have already been ranting and raving about this foundation to friends and family so why wouldn't I do the same with my blogging community too!! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I would love to hear some suggestions about posts you would like to see in the future. 
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  1. I love this foundation too. I want to try the stick version as well I've heard it has even better coverage!

    1. I've been researching into getting the stick too!


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