Tuesday 12 January 2016

Orange Concealers | LA GIRL/COLOURS | Review

While browsing through my local Beauty Base I stumbled across the HUGE LA Girl / LA Colours make up counter and was in awe! They had such a huge array of different types of make up from face bases, to eyeshadows to nail varnishes and even a few application tools! So after telling my boyfriend to entertain himself in the Men's Fragrances section for a while I had a quick look through what they had on offer and these two beauties caught my eye.

Okay, let's be real. I didn't need them both. I didn't need ANY of them to be honest but with the new buzz around colour correcting, I wanted to come a join the party! These two were perfectly placed right next to each other on the stand - I think they do that to lure suckers like me in - because after around 5-10 minutes asking my boyfriend which one to get (and him obviously being no help) I decided to throw both in my basket and these treats came home with me!

The Basics:
Why do you need an orange concealer?

Simply put - Colour Correcting neutralises any discolouration you may have on your face by counter acting blue, green or red shades to provide a more even skin tone. Finding out what the right shade to use for any of your dark circles or blemishes isn't as tricky or scientific as it sounds though.

Let me get a little "GCSE Art Class" on you for a second..

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So using the colour wheel you can find the perfect colour to help even out any pigmentation. So for example, if you have any blue or green circles under your eyes then using red or orange based products can have you looking for awake in seconds. (So this is making the red lipstick under the eyes thing make a lot more sense now). Same thing goes for any red blemishes - using a green coloured concealer can help eliminate any redness and have your skin looking more even and flawless. 

The Review:
So between the two products I picked up, Ones an absolute HIT while the other is One huge MISS for me!
I have fallen IN love with this product! As a proud owner of the orginal LA Girl concealer this has not disappointed! Like the other concealers in the range the product comes in a plastic tube with a synthetic kinda - brush applicator. This is one thing I am not a huge fan of. The bristles at the top of the packaging are such a hassle to work with. Some days without any squeezation (yes I made up a word lol) at all I have WAY to put product seeping out of the top where some days I can squeeze and squeeze and struggle to get any of this mircale product out of the tube and on to my face.
So putting aside the packaging faff once I do get the product out I am in LOVE. The texture and consistency of this product is so on point. It's creamy and blends out perfectly and surprisingly enough it hardly even creases! A very little goes such a long way - which is why the packaging is a pain in the ass - because it's so pigmented and rich in colour.
As for colour correcting, this does what it says on the tin. Whenever I whack a bit of this on under my eyes during the week I get compliments on how fresh and awake my face looks when we all know deep inside I'm dying to get my ass back into bed!
Overall, I am so impressed with this and for the price I would defiantly recommend giving it a go!
I was so desperately hoping I was going to love this! Mainly for 2 simple reasons: 1) The price - it's such a cheap find so repurchasing would never have been a hassle for me and 2) The packaging and application. Okay when I say packaging I don't mean the plastic white shell and clear lid suckered me in but a simple roll up and stick formulation would help speed up my morning make up routine which would mean more minutes to sleep!
But unfortunately, I am not a fan. Firstly, the pigmentation of this product is pretty rubbish. I can rub and rub this on to my under eyes and still struggle to get any colour pay off - let alone any colour correcting. All it seems to do is either move my under eye primer around or cause the skin to become irritated and dry. The formula is far from creamy so getting this off the stick and on to my face is such a hassle. 
Secondly, once it's finally on. It dries VERY chalky. For someone with combination skin and occasional dry under eyes this was doing me no favours and had to find it's way on to my "Products I regret buying but can't throw away" pile! 
Overall, I would definitely recommend getting your hands on the LA Girl Orange Colour Corrector and staying well away from the LA Colours Pro Concealer. I have no idea if LA Girl and LA Colours are a part of the same brand (I'm guessing they are) but I have no idea how they could have got one so right and the other so wrong!
Let me know if you've tried either and what you've thought of them. Have you tried any other colour correcting products before? Do they work, or is this all another beauty gimmick?


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  1. Might need to try out this LA concealer! I already have a light one and then a dark one for contouring!



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