Tuesday 1 March 2016

Cattier Paris - Masque Argile | Clay Mask Review

Who would have thought stacking up all my Birchbox Points would have helped me get my hands on this amazing addition to my skin care routine? I'm so happy to be finally talking about a clay mask that ticks all the boxes when it comes to texture, packaging, results as well as price point.

Let's jump straight into it. So after months of completing my reviews and racking up my Birchbox Points just in time for the December 20% Sale I got my hands on this for pretty much NOTHING. I think technically it worked out FREE as I got a few other bits and bobs at the same time. With or without making use of the bargain hunter in me this products is still an absolute steal! 

Introducing Cattier Paris - Masque Argile for Dry Skin

So how has this become my favourite clay mask of all time?

Starting off with the essentials. The extremely well-formulated mask is such a no-faff product to work with. I usually apply my masks with a foundation brush because in the past it has been the only way I can get a smooth even coat but with this mask my hands actually do just as good of a job as any brush could do. As a pretty thin clay mask it's easy to apply and best of all it dries really quickly. 

Once it's starts to dry the magic happens. I looked away from the mirror for a little while (I apply my face masks whilst in the bath because I love a proper pamper) and when I looked back I could see the mask crack and highlight all my problem areas which means it was actually working. As someone with an oily T-Zone I think this must have been one of the rare occasions when I was glad to see these places emphasised! My nose and my cheek bone was full of little bumps which means all the mess from my pores were being lifted out.

Obviously the proof is in the pudding and removing the mask was such a breeze. I used a damp muslin cloth so within a swipe the mask was all gone. After drying my face and having a full inspection I could noticeable see and feel a difference in the texture and even-ness of my face. AND to my amazement these silly little bumps that have seemed to have made their way on my face for a few weeks had finally exited stage left and my face was noticeably clearer. 

So as you can tell this mask is already a Holy Grail for me and I think it will be for a long time. I'm already raking up some more Birchbox Points as we speak so I can try nab this again FREE of charge! With or without Birchpoint or Promo Codes this is a great mask at such a fantastic price point. I hear Cattier have a number of different clay masks for different skin types so I may give the others a go in the near future.

Let's just hope they're just as good as this gem.


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  1. I've seen this mask on some other blogs too and they all give it raving reviews. Time to get my Birchpoints together and pick it up!


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