Wednesday 24 February 2016

Birchbox Unboxing | February 2016

Look I'm sticking to it! Another month and it's another Birchbox unboxing post to show you the samples I got my hands on this month. I'd love to be so excited by this box but if I'm being honest only one or two of the items have that WOW factor and the rest are products that haven't changed my make up or skin care routine in anyway..

But let's jump into the contents of the box...

Straight away this is something that caught my eye. I love dabbling in new skincare products so I had to give this a go straight away. After one or two times using the product the main noticable comment I can make is that it smells amazing! Really similar to my beloved The Body Shop - Vitamin C cream but I am yet to see any major differences in my skin or texture. I would say it does leave my skin slightly sticky and tacky which doesn't make it a pleasure to use but after one or two tries it may grow on me. (Wouldn't pay for the full price product though)

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet because let's be honest with Birchbox only providing one face wipe I can hardly do a full review. It's a pretty standard product and nothing I would highly recommend running out to buy. It did remove my make up to the level a standard make up wipe would have done however, it also left me feeling slightly greasy afterwards. Think I'll just stick to my simple face wipes. 

Now this is one of the products that really really impressed me. LOC (Love of Colour) is a Birchbox created brand and prior to receiving this month's box we were asked to choose which colour we wanted to receive and I opted for the golden shade which I am so happy with. Whilst it is branded as a eye shadow stick I actually have been using it non stop in my inner tear duct to add a spot of highlight and I think it looks great and does not budge. Love this. (I've inserted an image below)

Now I see what all the hype about Specturm Brushes are! Like me you've probably seen them plastered all over social media, looking pretty and fancy. So I was so excited to get my hands on one brush to try out for myself. I've been using it for the last few days to blend out my powder contour and it does such a great job!

As much as I love theBalm and most of their products this small size was rediculous. It was literally the size of a 1cm by 1cm box so I'm not even going into detail about a review because my brush struggled to even grab any product. Colour looks pretty though..

The packaging of this makes even the sample seem pretty fancy and luxurious. The hand cream itself is pretty good and perfect for throwing in your bag to use throughout the day!


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