Thursday 9 February 2017


Let me put out a disclaimer before I start this post and let you guys know Winged Eye-Liner has never been my specialty when it comes to make up application. Ask me about how to get a flawless base and crazy long eyelashes and I'm with it, but winged eyeliner and me haven't been on the same page for quite a while now.

I'm always scrolling through Instagram seeing smooth, sharp wings and never seem to be able to create them myself. So I was more and excited to get my hands on the Beautwise's HD Dual Eyeliner Pen! 

After a couple of weeks for using the product religiously for review purposes, I am proud to say I've jumped on the bandwagon and have joined the thousands of people who are singing the praises of this liner!

1. no more panda eyes 
I've been using this liner underneath my khol liner. Not only does this add a deep intensity and really make my eyes POP, it's no smudge formula means I no longer have panda eyes by 4pm! It's been working wonders at keeping my khol liner in place and the thin nip is so easy to get a precise finish.

2. best of both worlds
The dual ended pen is a perfect touch as you can create your desired look with ease. I love using the thicker end to create drama to my wing and the thin side to apply underneath my waterline. The tip is so soft that the product glides on easily, making application so fuss free (Even for an amateur like me).

                    THIck NIB
                    thin nib

3. waterproof
Okay, soo many brands claim to have the lasting power to keep your make up in tact after a long days work and many never really come through. This is where the Beautewise liner is a top winner for me. When they say "Smudge Proof and Water Resistant" they are NOT lying! I was so skeptical that I even attempted to wipe the liner off with a little water and it.did.not.budge!

            Before water test
                                   after water test

4. bang for your buck
At only $18 which is around £14-£15 this liner is worth every single penny! When compared to a lot of my high end liners from Benefit and Urban Decay - Beautewise come up trumps in terms of price as quality!

5. pigmented
One of my pet hates when it comes to eyeliners is the colour pay off. We all know the struggle it is to get your cat eye on point, but it's a disaster when you're struggling to get the bold intensity that you need and have to constantly go over your liner. 

You can catch Beautewise at their website  or on Instagram

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