Wednesday 1 March 2017

Gold in a Bottle? Is Alpha-H's Liquid Gold Worth the Hype? | Review

Gold in a bottle?

You must have all seen this product all over the blogosphere over the last year or so, and if you're anything like me you done your research, saw the price and closed the browser straight away because spending £33.00 on a bottle of "liquid gold" with such bold claims, just doesn't seem right!

But during the month of December I picked up the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar and found a sample size of this little beauty inside!

I've been testing it out for over a month now and it's quickly become a staple in my night time skincare routine.

It's basically a "skin refining" product that claims to firm your skin, tighten enlarged pores and help reduce pigmentation. So let's just say it promises to be a wonder potion to leave you with flawless, clear, smooth skin - and it definitely has delivered!

Following the recommended method, I've been applying the Liquid Gold all over my freshly cleansed face and neck every other night before bed. By using a cotton pad to apply the product all over my face, it has been so quick, easy and mess free to use.

Overall, I have been so pleasantly surprised with the results. My night time routine currently consists of a cleanser, face mist, Alpha H, followed by a hydrating night cream and I can't see myself changing that for a long time now. 

My skin has become noticeably more even in texture with certain areas of light pigmentation significantly improved. I've noticed my skin feels and looks so fresh with a subtle glow. In terms of tightening, I haven't seen any difference and my dreaded pores are still there - if anything they have been slightly reduced in size but nothing to sing and dance about. As I have combination skin, I found that the product did occassionally make my skin slightly drier in areas where I am prone to be dehydrated, but my hydrating night cream balances all that out for me. 

I am more than happy with the results but is it worth £33.00? I can't lie and say I would happily splurge on the product but if it's within your budget and you're looking for a product to add some life into your skincare routine - definitely get your hands on this! 

Will you be picking up Liquid Gold? Let me know below

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  1. Wow, this product sounds amazing! I need to have this in my life asap as I suffer from acne.

    PS. cutest blog post ever. x


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