Monday 9 March 2015

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The day is readily approaching. Mother’s Day is just round the corner and if you’re stuck on what to get for the most important woman in your life then here are a few suggestions that may help you decide!

1.       Flowers
A gift guide for any woman wouldn’t be complete without mention of some sort of flowers. Over the last 10 years this has been my go to gift for my mum for any occasion and it usually goes down a treat! I have found an amazing florist called Special Delivery who have the coolest, most unique collection of flowers! I would highly recommend having a look through their collection via Instagram and Facebook. They have great reviews!

Some more flowers from their range.. 

2.       Chocolate
You can’t go wrong with some chocolate! Thornton’s are so well known for their high quality and they also offer an option to personalise their gifts for free!

3.       Bath Set
A perfect gift to help your mum relax. There are so many on offer at the moment, so find out her favourite scent and give her some time for relaxation! Maybe she could relax in the bath with her Yankee candle on eating her personalised chocolates?

4.       Homeware
I saw this cushion online and it think its so different and special! You can personalise it to represent your family tree!

5.       Jewellery
When it comes to a mother’s day gift I feel a nice simple pendant necklace is a lovely choice! Something they your mum can wear regularly and something that can remind her of how great her kids are!

6.     Candles
Another staple in any gift guide for mums! Yankee Candle has always been a favourite of mine, not only do they smell great they last for ages! I would say I don’t think this is something my mum will be getting this year because she really does have WAY too many at home already! But it’s a great idea.

Do you have any other gift ideas for your mum this Mother’s Day?

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  1. Love the idea of homeware and candles! My mum always moans if we spend too much on her lol, so either of those would be perfect xo

    Sharan |

    1. lol that's such a typical mum comment to make! My mum does the same!

  2. I love these ideas! I always try to personalise my gifts for Mother's Day and that cushion is so cute! I've got her a sweet little photo frame with a photo of us in it that she can hang in the house or at work :)

    1. I bet she will love that! My mum loves personalised gifts too! Thanks for reading xx

  3. I just love all of these ideas, Chocolates, flowers and most important thing is jewellery. Most of womens actually i will say all womens love jewellery. I bought a necklace for my mom and she just loved it. I bought it from Kaya Jewellery as its a best site i have ever seen and here is that precious gift :


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