Sunday 29 March 2015

Birthday Reflection - Blogging, Career and Forgiveness


So it's the week of my birthday and everyone who knows me knows how much of a deal this is in my house and family. Somehow this rule has been invented in the Tanna household, where whenever it's anyone's birthday week they have to do absolutely no work. They don't have to set the table for dinner, don't need to do the washing, don't have to make their own bed - Don't even have to share their birthday cake! So this week is my time to put my feet up and relax! (This "birthday week" thing doesn't technically work though, because when I stop doing these things it doesn't mean my brothers do them for me - My mum is left with the brunt of it and I feel bad and do them myself anyway..  But the thought is nice)

Anywayy.. Whenever my birthday comes around I always seem to get pretty reflective and sentimental and end up taking a look back on my last year and seeing what's changed and stayed the same and also reminding myself of all the things I have learned throughout the year. Usually this is just something I do in my own head, but seeing as I now do have this blog I thought I might as well share it for anyone who is interested..

So let's start with that. My blog. I have been wanting to start this for so long and I am so glad I finally plucked up the courage and done it! For ages I was so worried about what other people would say or think about it.. Would people think its "lame"? Would people actually read it? Would I actually have time to do it? Do I even have anything interesting to say? But this year I've learned to ignore all them questions and just do it. My approach in starting this blog was exactly that, after reading so many blogs for years and thinking "I could do that" I thought "F*ck it" and now have a little space on the internet to call my own and I'm so glad! There's something so rewarding about putting time into something you enjoy and seeing people respond to it so well and I am so grateful to every person who reads, comments and shares!

Another major difference between myself now to a year ago is the fact I AM NO LONGER A STUDENT! This time last year I was in my final year of university, stressing about my dissertation, running out of highlighters on a weekly basis and spending my evenings on the silent floor of Aston University library. My life cannot be any more different now, okay I still do have an obsession with stationary, but I am so happy to say I have finally found a job I enjoy and am very happy with where my career is going. I work in HR and Marketing for an IT Consultancy firm which has turned out to be a perfect role for me! The transition from a student to working in the real world is something I'm still trying to get used to.. There's no more convincing yourself that the 9am start is pointless and you don't need to go, there's no more drinking in the middle of the day just because and there's no more student discount when I'm shopping :(. But I guess working isn't so bad if you find a job you actually enjoy doing..

My job hunt wasn't as smooth as I make it seem though. To give you the brief summary - I left university with no idea what I was going to do next, spent months applying for jobs and getting nowhere until I was offered a job on the day of my graduation! I was so happy, the role was as a Customer Relationship Manager and I thought it would be a great fit. It was for about a week, and after that I found myself dreading going to work everyday, hated my job because it just wasn't what I hoped or was told it would be. I told myself to plod on as I remembered how being unemployed made me feel but then a day came. I think one day I just realised "I'm worth more than this" so that was it. I QUIT. I decided to leave. With no future plan. But without doing that I wouldn't have landed the job I love now! - This has taught me to always know my worth, to take chances and that playing it safe isn't always the right move.

Apart from reference to actual tangible changes in my life, my answer to "What have you learned this year?" will always come down to FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness has been a huge part of my year in so many different ways. This year hasn't been easy, but what year ever is? but I feel one thing that has helped me get through it is remembering how powerful yet peaceful forgiveness can be. I've learned that you cannot control the actions of other people but you can control your reaction to them. So this year I've decided to just get on with things, accept bad things will happen in life, people will do things you don't agree with or like, but always by focusing on your goal and getting on with it - you can become a lot more content and happier. I always believe life is too short to hold grudges or negative energy so yes, I would encourage people to not only forgive other people for anything they may have done to them - within reason - but also forgive yourself for not being perfect. 

So there you have it, a few reflective thoughts about my last year and a little insight into the person behind the blog.

Would love to start the discussion and find out a little more about what you've learned about yourself this past year? How are your new year's resolutions going? Your birthday coming up too? Would love to know if you enjoy these kinds of posts..
Drop a comment below!

P.s I'm so lucky my birthday is on Good Friday which means no work and a long weekend of celebrations!


  1. Such a great post! In my household we also have the 'no work' rule on our birthdays too but then always end up doing the Wasing ourselves! Lol for me this year its been all about not caring what people think, I have this constant fear of being judged which has prevented me doing soo much stuff! So this year I'm simply not caring! Lol great post again! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

  2. It's always the case! I try to stick to it but end up feeling bad. I love that, I think that gets better with age too though. I've found the older I get the less I care about what people think or say! Thank you for commenting and reading the post xxx


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