Monday 9 March 2015

Feeling blue ... Eyeliner?

Blue eye-liner is something like Marmite in the blogging community. I hear some people absolutely adore it and some people cannot stand it! Personally, I'm a huge fan.

Back when I was in high school I used to love experimenting with different eye-liner looks, I feel I've warn them all.. From blue to black, green to purple.. My trusty coloured eye-liners were a great way to spark some individually into my look at school.

On the odd occasion I have worn this look recently I get so many compliments on how fresh my face looks and how my eyes stand out - As well as comments on how young I look (but I'm not sure if that's a compliment lol)

So I think it's time to relight the flame and bring my blue eyeliner look back! 

The products I use to create this look as so practical and easy to apply and best of all they are so cheap! So if you're someone who wouldn't opt for this look on a daily basis, at least you're not investing a lot of money into make up you will only use now again.

The Products:

The Method:
1. Apply a generous amount of the blue eye pencil to your lower waterline. (Aim to allow the product to run slightly underneath the waterline too)
2. With a cotton bud remove the access eyeliner and also shape the colour so it is slightly thicker under your eye.
3. Apply the liquid eyeliner on top of the pencil eyeliner that has run under your waterline. 
*The liquid eyeliner is great for not only adding additional bursts of colour, but the MUA eye-liner can often smudge and I find the liquid eyeliner really does help it stay in place*

Obviously you would then go in and add your favourite mascara of choice!

Are you a fan of coloured eyeliners? What are your favourite looks and brands? Let me know...

Don't forget to drop me a comment below, would love to interact with you guys!


  1. This looks incredible on you! I'm always too nervous to try coloured eyeliners - creature of habit lol. Might have to give it a go though, really makes your eyes pop! xo

    Sharan |

    1. Thank you!! Yeah give it a go and seeing as this routine is so cheap it's worth a try! Let me know how you get on if you do it... Even if you just start with the £1 mua eyeliner first xxx


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