Wednesday 29 April 2015

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I have a love hate relationship with my empties. One side of me is so happy that I've actually finished a product and got my money’s worth and the other side is annoyed that this means I may have to fork out and buy them again!

Seems like this month has seen me finish so many products! Some of which I am in desperate need to restock on and others I’m glad to see the back of. (Do you ever keep using a product you don’t actually like just for it to finish? Just so you don’t feel guilty throwing it away? Is that just me?)

Let’s start with the product I’m glad to see the back of. Although this was in no ways an expensive product I had to splurge on, I just couldn’t wait to use this up to throw it away! I purchased this on a whim, I remember just needing a simple cleanser to add to my routine and this seemed like a cheap fix. There’s nothing specifically wrong with the product apart from it pretty much done nothing. It hasn’t improved my skin, didn’t help me take my make up off it just seemed like an unnecessary step to add to my routine.
Sorry Boots cleaner you have been replaced.
Repurchasing: Nope. Goodbye Product!

This has been my skin saviour! This is the cleaner I am sad to see finish. I’ve done a whole post on this product so wont go back into the details of why I love it so much! Thank God I snapped up a few of these when boots were doing their beloved 3 for 2 offers!
Repurchasing: One step ahead of you!

3. Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer
Another love of mine! I get through these so quickly! I don’t know whether you need quite a lot of this product to do the job or whether I’m just a concealer addict and can’t help but pack it on. But I think this is one of the best drugstore concealers I’ve come across since the collections one and again the 3 for 2 offer Maybelline seem to have all year round means I get to save while indulging.
Repurchasing: Yes – As soon as the offer is back on

Everyone and their mum’s have heard about the micellar water taking over the beauty world and I’ve been sucked in! Who knows what’s in this water? How is it so magical? I love this product!
Repurchasing: Most definitely 

Here I go again. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while I think you’ve clocked on to what my favourite drugstore brand is. So here is another product I loved from Maybelline. This highlight just does all the right things in all the right places and doses. It is great for everyday wear and love mixing it up with my concealer.
Repurchasing: Yeap – Of course when on sale

6. Juice Plus Complete
So here is something a little different. I’ve been on a real health kick recently .. I say health kick but I think it’s more of a panic when I realised I go on holiday in a few months and I’m holding some extra jiggle! I’ve been trying out a range of weightloss products recently (which I’ll review soon) but my most recent one has been the Juice Plus shakes. I love these, I’ve been using these on and off so I can’t exactly comment on results because I didn’t follow the actual method for these but I love having this for my breakfast with coconut milk! Tastes so good!
Repurchasing: Not this exact product. Might try an alternative

I’m  all about fresh, sweet girly scents. This is strange though because nothing about me is girly and “sweet” but I loved this perfume. This used to be my staple work smell and now its finished I think its time I got something new. My boyfriend recently got me Jimmy Choo – Blossom which has a similar palette to Darling so think I have already found a replacement.
Repurchasing: Nope Soz Kylie

Who doesn’t love a freebie? So when I saw this in this months In Style magazine I felt well chuffed. This packet came with 10 sample sized wipes which claim to remove eye make up and soothe a smooth. Its packed with so much goodness such as olive oil and aloe extract and I LOVED THIS. Isn't very often I fall in love with a magazine sample but this has done it for me. I used them up so quick and now I want more!

Repurchasing: Yes – If its not too expensive for the full sized packet.

So there we have it, seems like it's going to be a sad month for my bank balance this month! Have you tried any of my empties? Thoughts/Opinions? What products have you just run out of?


  1. My thoughts on empty products exactly lol I love empties post though as you get a real insight to the product! Great post! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstickl

  2. Great post! I love your blog :) I have nominated you for the Liebster Award:


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