Wednesday 8 April 2015

R.I.P - Haul

Anyone who is a lover of ELF Cosmetics and received that "End of an Era" email must have felt the same shock and panic as I did. I was shocked that ELF was no longer selling in the UK as I know so many beauty addicts here are obsessed with their products and the first thing that came into my head was the need for a panic buy when I saw "70% OFF". 

So I put all the work I had piled up on hold and headed straight over to the website to see what goodies I could get my hands on..

1. Concealer - Honey // £1.98
Thought I'd give this a go because I've heard great things about it online and for the price I guess I couldn't go wrong. The product came as expected. A very decent concealer, looks like it would give enough coverage and is very easy to apply. Only downfall is that it looks like it has more of a pinky base, which doesn't suit my skin that well. I would have preferred the concealer to have a more yellow undertone but I can definitely work with it.

The nail varnish collection on sale was amazing! Prices ranging from around 70p to £2 and so many different finishes and colours. I picked up a few different polishes to add to my collection. (Not that I need a collection because I am useless at doing my nails myself) But some of the colours were right up my alley.

2. Nail Polish - Mint Cream // £1.00
A lovely colour for the spring/summer season! For a lover of black clothes a nail colour like this just adds the right amount of colour so I don't look totally dull.

3. Nail Polish - Green Machine // £1.74

Been looking for a colour like this for AGES. I love nail colours that look black, but aren't black.. If you know what I mean?

4. Nail Polish - Desert Haze // £1.25

Didn't need another nude. But got another nude. Never enough nudes.

5. Eyelash Curlers // £1.56

These do the trick. I own the more expensive (yet still cheap) eyelash curlers from elf and I love them! They always come with extra rubber which is great because I'm forever losing mine!

6. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - Teal // £1.18

Some of you may have read my "Blue Eyeliner Look" post, so you know how I like experimenting with different eye liner shades and thought this would be something cool to try out. I didn't really have high hopes for this and just stuck it in the basket because it was cheap. But I am very impressed by it! It's very pigmented and the nip is so thing and easy to work with!

7. Mascara Wands x12 // £2.77

You know, just to keep them brows on fleek.

8. HD Mattifying Cream Foundation - Buff // £3.98

I hate buying foundation online when I am unsure of my colour. I've done it with ELF before and ended up with a foundation that is 10x to dark for my skin but as this was on offer I got sucked in. FOR ONCE I GOT IT RIGHT THOUGH. I like this product, it has a similar consistancy to my obsession - Supercover foundation. It's very easy to apply and is light weight. I think I need to work with it a little more before I can give a full review.

9. Mineral Personal Blend Foundation SPF 15 - Medium // £4.48

I am a sucker for gimmicks! I don't actually know what this does. I think you mix a few of the powders together to create your perfect match. So I'll give it a go. Right now it confuses me and seems like a bit of extra fuss in the mornings...

There we have it. All this for under £20! 
I was pretty gutted the Elf Primer had run out on the website because I am a HUGE fan! I understand the reason for the closure of was due to the distributing company wanting to expand to a new venture and create I have had a look through the site and it looks great. I understand they are working with the same ethos as eyeslipsface did and trying to provide great products for very reasonable prices.

But R.I.P You and your very regular sales will be missed! 

Did you stock up during the ELF sale? Do you know any similar brands to ELF which offer great value products? Leave a comment below.

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