Monday 11 May 2015

Caribou - Long Lasting Make Up Brush Collection | Make Up

So here's the low down most of you can all relate to. You fork out a ridiculous amount of money on a application tool or brush, you stick to the status quo and buy from a well known huge brand and you receive a lovely well sculpted brush, thinking it is the make up savour you've been waiting for. It plays that role  a few weeks/months but then it just doesn't cut it any more. Hair starts falling out, the handle becomes loose and now you're forced to repurchase or find a cheap alternative.

This is where Caribou come in. A set of make up brushes with a 3 Year Guarantee?! 

I came across this brand as I was doing my usual twitter browsing and had a look on their page. The first thing that impressed me was they're approach to social media. Yes, I know this is meant to be a product review but I was so pleased by it that I have to mention it. Kudos to the person (people) behind the twitter page because they are engaging, educational and their passion for the brand really shines through! This made me want to view their products in more detail so I headed over to their website and was greeted by a HUGE sale!

The usual price of The Long Lasting Brush Collection is £229.00 but was on offer for £29.00 so I couldn't resist. But being the blogger I am I read a few reviews which made me even more excited to get my hands on them.

Did I need new brushes? Nope. (From my ebay beauty finds you can see I recently got some more) But was I so drawn to these that I didn't care? Yeap!

A few days later my perfectly wrapped brushes arrived. They came cased in a leather wallet which made me feel well profesh and will come in handy when I go away on holiday.

First impressions: Loved the packaging and the brushes all were designed with a cute logo and looked very sleek. However, there was a strong smell of plastic as I opened the leather case. Very similar to the smell of the Jessup brushes but the smell soon disappeared so it wasn't a problem.

Now down to the brushes.
The set comes with a mixture of 10 different brush styles and sizes  A great varied range with 4 Face brushes and 6 Smaller eye brushes. Only downfall here was there was no user guide or note to let me know which brush was best for what. This was a bit of a let down as it would have been so useful to get some guidance.

Here's a few of my suggestions on what each brush could be used as.

How to use each caribou brush

The hairs of the brushes were super soft and felt really high quality, I've given the brushes a go for a few days and here are my concluding points.

1. Powder brush and Angled eye liner brush have to be my favourites so far.
2. I think the contour brush should be a little firmer. It takes me way to long to blend blend blend.
3. I'm not a huge eye shadow wearer so I would have loved a few more face brushes in the collection.
4. Packaging and presentation is 100%. The little touches are so memorable!
5. Let's hope I never need to return these before the 3 years are up, but it's great to have the option just in case.

Caribou have also have a great eco-friendly vision which you can read about here. Not only are they dedicated to providing high quality products for us make up junkies they are also passionate about protecting this beautiful planet of ours.

Final verdict: Very happy with my purchase. Snap them up for £29.00 while you can!

Brushes can be ordered from: Caribou - The Long Lasting Brush Collection

caribou brushes thank you note

What are your favourite brushes? Have you had the same problem with high end brands? Will you be giving Caribou a go? Let me know below..



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