Thursday 21 May 2015

Five Reasons I Love The GHD Air | Hair

ghd air hairdryer review

A month or so back this was one of my featured items on my wishlist. I had been eyeing this up for a while now and when my hair drying suddenly decided to blow up on me I felt like it was a sign from the Hair Gods to get my hands on this bad boy.

Does this ever happen to you.. You are writing your current wishlist and have a few sentences explaining why you want a particular product. You're writing and writing and suddenly you've ended up on the checkout page of a site and you're one step away from just biting the bullet and getting your hands on it instead of just making a post about how much you want it.

Well that's what happened with the GHD Air! 

Well, what really happened was I published the post and promoted on social media and then bit the bullet and actually went and ordered it. The post then got the attention of my other half/boyfriend/partner/bae (lol) who swears he doesn't read my blog who then decided to ALSO get me this beloved hair dryer as a spontaneous gift.. Cut a long story short, I started the day convincing myself it was too much money to fork out for something that blows out hot air and ended the day with two on their way to me! 

Anyway.. This magical "hot air blowing", "hair drying", "volume providing" piece of machinery has totally changed my after-shower routine and it is worth every single penny!

1. Dries my hair quicker
The main reason I wanted this. I heard great things in the blog-o-sphere about how this product can reduce the drying time of your hair and I was sold! My hair is pretty thick and long so anything that can speed up the process has won me over.

2. Adjust heat settings
Not only can you control the power output of the air you can also control the temperature aswell. This makes the world of difference for when I'm trying to get my fringe to sit right! I just lower the heat and power and I can direct the air flow exactly where I need it.

3. Cold air button
Am I the only one who finishes blow drying her hair and just feels so hot and frazzled. This is why I can NEVER do my make up before blow drying my hair because by the end I look a HOT MESS. So I'm not technically sure what this cold air button is meant for, I'm sure there are some benefits of it for your hair but personally I just use it to cool my face down after a session of blow drying. 

4. Less noise.
So as you can probably tell, drying my hair isn't my favourite thing in the world to do. I usually like to put on some music or a YouTube video while I'm drying or styling and the GHD Air helps me do this! The noise is a lot quieter than all of my previous dryers so this means I can not only dry in less time than before I can also entertain myself at the same time!

5. It's just pretty
Yeap, it's pretty shallow. But are you telling me you've never just got something because it was pretty? It just lays there in my draw all matte looking and lovely and is such a luxury product and a pleasure to use.

Sidenote: I was lucky enough to also receive the GHD diffuser and detangle comb which are both great! I don't make much use of the diffuser but the comb is great for getting those knots out of my naturally messy hair!

And there you have it. The 5 Reasons I love the GHD Air Hair Dryer! Do you love it as much as I do? What products are on your current wishlist? I'd love to know, leave a comment below.



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  1. This sounds awesome! I have the GHD straighteners and I love them, and I'm actually in the market for a new blowdryer (the handle of my current one gets so hot when I use it that I can barely stand to hold it!) My birthday's at the end of the month so I'll definitely be adding this to my wish list, thanks girl! x Krista

    Would love it if you'd check out my blog if you have the time! xo


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