Wednesday 21 October 2015

Liquid Diluent Mascara Care | BornPrettyStore

Yeap I've found the make up cure. So you're a mascara addict like me (you can tell from my greatest mascaras of all time post) and you just cannot help yourself and fall for every marketing trick and gimmick in the book and have ended up with WAAAY too many mascaras to even know what to use in the morning. So as your collection piles up you send some of your previous favourites to the back of your make up collection and forget about them until it's time for a spring clean. While uncovering gems you also pick up your old go to mascara which is need of some loving. You pick it up to remind yourself why you were once so obsessed and it has now dried up! *Insert destressed emoji here* But there is now a handy, affordable product out there that can give your mascaras some extra TLC! (As you can tell from the picture above my mascara has been battered and bruised)

I was lucky enough to be contacted by BornPrettyStore a few weeks ago and asked to chose a few products that may be of interest to me and my readers and as soon as I saw this I knew it had the potential of being a God Send! Let's just talk about the price of this item first. At only $1.99 (around £1.30) it is an absolute steal! Imagine all of the money you would save by added this magic potion of your dried up mascaras instead of feeling you had to throw them away? 

So as soon as I received this through the post I was so excited to give it a go and picked which mascara was going to be the lucky winner of a bit of oomph. I went in and followed the instructions and took of the lid and popped a few drops of the diluent into my mascara. Gave it a shake and my mascara was less gloopy and was brought back to life!

I definitely recommend this £1.30 investment that can potentially save you so much money in the long run. Only advice is you do only get 5ml for £1.30 so be easy and don't use too much in one go!

And if £1.30 is still not at the price point you wanted I have a 10% OFF Coupon code off your order on BornPrettyStore - Enter ATNH10. 

I just wonder if it works with liquid eyeliners too? 

Speaking of eyeliner I was also send a blue Kajal eye stick from BornPrettyStore which is now still getting a test run! Look out for the review! (You guys know I love my Blue Eye Liners!) 

Is this something you would recommend in yourself? Are your mascaras in need of some TLC? I would love to hear from you!


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