Wednesday 7 October 2015

Ebay Make Up Brush Set | Make Up

I’ve done it again, just went and ordered myself even more make up brushes as if I actually need any. I’m sitting here trying to find at least one reason to justify this purchase but I really can’t apart from saying “I got the brushes to test out for my blog?” I’m going to run with that and give you the low down on my thoughts of the new additions to my brush collection.

So one day I was scrolling through my twitter timeline (as you do) and saw an image Kiran Beri (she’s got such a great blog by the way so check her out at posted of these amazing make up brushes from ebay. This image alone convinced me I needed more brushes. That’s all it took. One picture of the brushes and I was sold. So I spent my valuable time at work looking at all of the brush sets ebay had to offer. There are LOADS! I knew I wanted a set with a lot of eye brushes because I’m a newbie to eyeshadow but I also wanted to get a few new face brushes because I guess you can never have enough.

Then I came across this gem:

This set is the full package.
Eyebrushes – Check
Face Brushes – Check
Amazing Fan Brush – Check
Lovely Travel Friendly Pouch – Check
Fantastic Price – Check
Short Delivery Time – Check

So a few days letter my brushes arrived. First impressions were they were so ascetically pleasing! The grey and rose gold handles were a nice change to all my black ebay brushes and the pouch it came in was really good quality considering the price. I would say like a lot of the other brushes I have got from ebay these did have that initial plastic smell to them so I would recommend giving them a quick wash before actually using the on your skin.

Overall, this is such a great set and really is fantastic value for money.

So if you’re on the hunt for some new brushes or are anything like me and you don’t even need an excuse I would most definitely recommend giving these a go. For just over £10 for 18 brushes and a lovely travel friendly pouch case you cannot go wrong!

Let me know some of your favourite brushes from Ebay below! 

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  1. OH myyyyyyy!

    I love makeup brushes & I love a bargain... I might have to invest in these myself! hmmm...

    Stacey |

    1. I really would recommend them! I use them pretty much everyday so I'm defo getting my money's worth!! xx


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