Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Ultimate Wish List Maker | Mr.Lista

So any of my regular readers will know I am a huge fan of Wish Lists. I create one and post it on my blog any chance I get, just to have an excuse to put together a list of all the things I have been lusting over - with hopes that they will somehow magically appear in my post box! 

As a beauty fanatic there is always something new on the market that catches my eye, whether it’s some new pretty make up brushes or new product releases and collections, there is always some more things I could be adding to my collection. But let’s be honest my bank balance isn’t always healthy enough to let me go out and get my hands on all these goodies straight away (if ever).

But when I was introduced to Mr Lista, I found a new way to organise all my beauty cravings in one cute little online package! And  having the chance to WIN everything on my List made this even more appealing (more on that below)!

Mr Lista aka “The Ultimate Wish List Maker” is changing the game for online wish and gift lists for me!

I think we can all relate to this situation; your birthday is coming up. You are bombarded with the same questions over and over again .. “What do you want for your birthday?” “Tell me what to get you.” “Is there anything you need?” and the Make-up addict in you wants to rant and rave about the new NARS foundation that just hit stores or the perfect red lipstick you saw online that you just NEED in your life, but the polite modest part of you takes over and you reply with “I don’t really need anything, I don’t know” “Anything, I don’t mind”. Then your birthday comes around and you’re unwrapping the 20th bubble bath and shower set or 5th socks and mug duo in a row and that new foundation is nowhere in sight.

This is where I think Mr Lista becomes super handy. The online platform allows you to create personalised wish lists for special occasions (let’s be honest you don’t always need one to want a present) and share them directly with friends and family. You have the option to either keep your list private or share it with all your lovely, generous friends and family members.

The fantastic thing about Mr Lista is that it allows you to download an application right on to your toolbar - so while you are browsing online you can place items in your current wish list at ease. (Is it just me, but all month you have hundreds of items in your head that you know you need in your life but when it comes down to making your wish list post or placing an online order - your mind goes blank and you’re sitting there trying to remember everything that has caught your eye recently?) So putting them all in one place as I go along has not only helped me keep my manic wants in one place but actually made me take more interest in all the lovely products out there on the web.

I gave Mr Lista a test run on my work laptop. You see this is where most of my online shopping happens (on the sly). I’ll be casually browsing the web and somehow I’ve ended up on the Boots website with over £40 worth of goodies in my basket, all set to make the payment. Then my manager walks past and I frantically close the window only to go back on and find all my items have now disappeared! So I thought where better to give this a go than at work. If it really is that quick and easy to store items in a virtual wish list I should be able to do it and go undetected.

Let’s put it this way, there are a fair amount of items on my list at the moment and my manager is non the wiser. I was pleasantly surprised at how straight forward it was to add items to my wishlist. No matter what shopping site I was browsing all I had to do was click on the cute Mr Lista logo on my toolbar, choose a thumbnail and it was uploaded.

Over the last few months I have created quite a few lists on the site all with different purposes. So I have one for myself, stuff I keep there as a shopping list for when pay day comes round. This includes little things like products I’ve run out and need to repurchase to affordable bits and bobs I’ve read about on other peoples’ blogs. 
The other lists I have created are ULTIMATE Wish Lists. These include items I couldn’t imagine buying for myself but will be perfect to show my family when Christmas time comes around!

That’s not all!
Click here

After speaking to the lovely team from Mr Lista they let me know about the amazing competition they have running for a month from Monday 12th October. All you have to do is create a FREE Mr Lista account, get your list going, enter it into the competition and share your list on social media using the hashtag #DearMrLista and you will be in store to win all the items on your wishlist up to the value of £1000!  

Christmas come early or what?

All the information about the competition can be found here. Let me know if you are entering too and what items you have added on your list!

(Now can somebody help me convince my boyfriend to stop being a dinosaur when it comes to online things and make a list because I have NO idea what to get him for Christmas!!)


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