Friday 19 February 2016

Beauty Crowd | Haul + Swatches - Under £20

I am an absolute sucker for email marketing. As soon as a notification pops up on my screen mentioning the words "Sale" "Reductions" or "Discount" I can't help but have a gander. (Honestly, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, have a quick check on my phone and 10 minutes later I'm browsing make up and fashion websites to try pick up a good deal). So when beauty crowd announced they were having a HUGE 50% off sale across their whole website I knew I had to take a look and add more to my make up collection (because a sale is the perfect justification to buy make up I never really need.)

I picked up all of these gems for UNDER £20 - here. Yes you heard correctly. All of these goodies made their way home with me for under £20. That's one primer, one foundation, two eye pencils and three concealers for UNDER £20. 

Being so proud of my bargain I wanted to share what goodies I picked up and give you some of my first impressions. 

Bell Hypoallergenic Skin Adapting Makeup - Hypo Adapting Makeup | Sunny Beige | £8.95 (No Longer Available)

Bell is one of them brands I randomly see popping up all over the place but for some reason I always seem to overlook it in the past. (For some reason Bell is no longer available in the Beauty Crowd store at the moment but let's hope it comes back soon) So when I came across their "Hypo-Adapting Foundation" I was really intrigued to see what this product and brand had to offer. My first impressions are that the foundation has a fluid consistency and will provide a light/medium coverage. The usual trouble with buying foundations online without swatching means you can never be too sure of your perfect match and unfortunately the colour itself is a little too light for me but it doesn't mean I'll pus it to the side it's nothing my Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops can't sort out.

Yeap another primer. From my Ultimate Drugstore Primer Battle post (It was actually one of my first ever posts so check it out) you can tell I am seriously on the hunt for the best, affordable skin primer so this product caught my eye. For a girl with major oiliness going on in my T Zone the words "Matte and Smooth" meant I was instantly sold! I'm yet to test run this primer for a whole day but my first impressions are this is a real contender. 

Not much to say here as I am sure you have all heard raving reviews for this affordable concealer! I thought I'd take advantage of the sale and pick up another as a back up for when the other 3 I own run out(?) Female logic huh?
Nicka K is a brand I was completely unfamilar with. I've never seen many bloggers review or post about their products so this was a complete impulse buy for me. First impressions were that it's extremely similar to the LA Girl concealer in terms of packaging and consistency but once I've tried out the product for a full day I may do a comparison post so see which wins the affordable concealer battle. 
Another Concealer to add to my collection but this time I went for a darker shade that I thought would be perfect to use to contour. So far so good but again a full review will be up soon.
I think you ALL know by now coloured eye liner is my thing. Give me blue, green, purple, brown.. give me any colour and I'm down with applying it to my lower water line so these really caught my eye. The shade Beach Resort is a lovely musky green shade which I think would look so pretty when mixed with a darker shade of green to add some dimension. The pigmentation of these liners are amazing, especially considering the price. 

L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil - Waves | £1.95
Another colour I picked up was "Waves" which is a almost metallic bright blue shade which again will look great with my blue MUA khol pencil. The formulation of these pencils are exactly what I look for; pigmented, soft and easy to apply. Tick Tick Tick

And there you have it. My round up of the goodies I picked up from the lovely Beauty Crowd. I believe are doing another 50% sale for February using code "FEB50" so get yourself over to the beauty crowd site now. I would also recommend signing up to their mailing list or social media accounts and snap up some bargains yourself whenever their sales come around. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and reviews of the products in more detail will be up soon. Let me know which products you are drawn to from this haul and if you've tried any out yourself.


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