Tuesday 2 February 2016

Irresistible Me | Hair Accessories

I was lucky enough to get the chance to work with the wonderful "Irresistible Me" recently. Many of you may have heard of the brand due to their fantastic quality and affordable hair extensions but today I've got something a little bit different for you! I wanted to share some of my favourite picks from their amazing hair accessories collection.

This collaboration came at the perfect time! With my brother's engagement and wedding just around the corner I was thrilled to get a chance to review some goodies that could add that extra bling to my traditional Indian outfits and let's just say I have found a perfect use for all of the items.

So let's jump straight into it.

Jasmine Tikka

This has to be one of my favourite items from the haul! As a regular "tikka wearer" I know what I like and don't like in the perfect outfit accessory and this one ticks all the boxes. Firstly both this and the .... come with a great, secure hair pin (which is surprisingly so difficult to find on most). The sturdy hair slide makes actually putting this on incredibly easy Secondly, the weight of the centre piece is perfect as its light enough to stay upright and heavy enough not to move around too much! 

(This is currently unavailable on their website but keep looking back to see if it comes back in stock)

Another fantastic statement item! Again, this is so well made and of such high quality. I love how elegant and dainty the gems are and paired with a heavy necklace, statement earrings and a simple sari this piece would look so classy. 

Did anyone else see that episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Well, technically it was Kourtney and Kim Take New York) and Kim had her hair tied up and a beautiful chain clipped to the size of her head? I remember watching that and thinking it looked amazing so when I saw this up on the Irresistible Me website I knew I had to get my hands on it. As such a versatile piece it can be worn in so many different ways, either like me and Kim (look at me acting like I know her) and to the side of a pony tail, or like the model on the irresistible me website and worn as a head piece. Either way I am totally obsessed with this item and it's going to make it's way out with me on my next girl's night out!

I cannot remember the last time I wore a headband. (Apart from my old, battered one that I use to keep my face clear during pamper evenings). Headbands always used to bring back them bad memories of when my mum used to make me stand in front of the mirror for ages and she would finish my "freshie" look off with a tight, plastic brown headband that pushed all my hair back and took most of my brain cells back with it! Well after seeing this on the site I thought I'd give the headband trend another go as I see it look so elegant and sweet on other people. What I love about this headband (apart from the fact it is 1000x more comfortable than my previous experience) is how simple and dainty it is. This would look perfect in them warmer summer months to add a little sparkle to a simple outfit.

And there you have it. My thoughts on my top picks from the  Irresistible Me Hair Accessories line. Overall, I was so pleased by not only the fantastic quality of the products by Irresistible Me but their amazing customer service! 

You can find the full range of their Hair Accessories here.

Which ones are your favourite? Let me know below.

*The mentioned products were sent to me as a blogger & brand collaboration, however this is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions mentioned are honest and that of my own.  



  1. I've always wanted to try out some Indian tikka's but wasn't sure which ones would be best. These look so pretty on you!!!!

  2. That Kim K style head chain is amazing!!! xxx

    Jenny |


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